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How To Choose A Care Home

When you’re trying to find a care home, location is likely to be the factor in your decision. Most care home residents want to stay in an area that’s close to family, friends, and community connections, making it easier for loved ones to visit and offer additional support. 

However, location is just one factor that should be taken into account, as every care home is different, with its own facilities, activities, and specialist care options.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Care Home

It’s natural to have a lot of questions when you’re starting your search to find a care home. Some of the questions to ask when choosing a care home include:

  • What are the rules around care home visitors?
  • What facilities are on offer?
  • What kind of care home activities are provided?
  • Can I decorate my bedroom with personal items?
  • What social activities are available?
  • How integrated is the home into the wider community?
  • Is there access to a doctor onsite?
  • What are meal times like?
  • What’s staff turnover like?

You’ll know whether or not you’re happy with the answers you receive to these questions, but you can read more about how to tell if a care home is ‘the one’ on our blog.

How To Find A Care Home That’s Right For Your Needs

There are different types of care homes depending on your needs. At New Care, we offer residential care, nursing care, dementia care, and respite care services, with all of our homes providing a safe and comfortable new home for people who may need a little assistance with daily life.

The type of care required may be pre-determined following a needs assessment carried out by a social worker, GP, or nurse assessor, which will influence your search for a care home.

Start your search to find a care home online or ask your local social services department or GP surgery for a local care directory. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates all care homes in England, undertaking regular care home inspections to ensure they meet the required standards. Care homes are required to display their CQC rating in the home and on their website. Taking the time to read the latest CQC could help you to make your decision when choosing a care home.

Arranging A Care Home Visit

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for a care home to a shortlist, contact each care home to arrange a visit. This will allow you to see the care home facilities for yourself, to see whether it feels like the right choice for you or your loved one.

Take the time to meet the care home manager, speak to the staff and other residents, and get a good feel for the atmosphere of the care home. If you need a follow-up visit to help you to choose a care home, ask for another visit and take as long as you need to find a care home that’s right for you.

What To Expect When Moving Into A Care Home

Once you’ve found a care home that feels right for you, the home manager or a senior member of the care home team will carry out a pre-admission care assessment to ensure your loved one’s needs can be fully supported. This assessment also provides an opportunity for our staff to gain an understanding of your loved one’s likes and dislikes, and we involve family in this assessment as much as possible.

If you have any questions about any of our care homes, care services, or would like to arrange a visit, please contact us here.