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Bridgewater Manor Care Home In Worsley

Welcome to Bridgewater Manor care home, located in Worsley, Manchester. This home is designed to provide the best care for our residents. We are proud to offer 71 beds with ensuite facilities and a range of premium services such as a hairdresser and a nail bar. 

The Bridgewater Manor care centre offers excellent nursing and residential care as well as expert support for residents with dementia. All of our staff are trained to understand the needs of our residents, especially those showing early signs of dementia. We aim to provide an environment with their needs at the forefront of everything we do. Our aim is to use comforting colour palettes and clear, informative signage to provide a calming and safe environment. We also like to use local talent and areas close to Worsley to introduce exercises and activities that improve our residents’ wellbeing and care.

The new care home is located in a prime spot. It is located just one mile from Walkden train station which means there are great transport links to the centre of Manchester, as well as, other areas around the city centre such as: Salford, Bury, and Altrincham. Worsley is also home to some lovely spots that allow you to enjoy the outdoors, from the Bridgewater Canal to the beautiful green spaces at RHS Garden Bridgewater. 

Bridgewater Manor Care Home In Worsley

301 Walkden Road
Worsley (Manchester)
M28 2RZ

Bridgewater Manor

71 beds

Nail bar

Quiet lounge

Lift access


Ensuite facilities

Wheelchair accessible

Patio area

Silent nurse call system

Acoustic monitoring

Landscaped garden

Outdoor area

Spa assisted bathroom

Single rooms

Visiting hairdresser

Terrace to 1st and 2nd floor

Great Things About Bridgewater Manor Care Home In Worsley

Our Care Philosophy

Our care philosophy is built on a number of core principles that aim to provide the best living environment for elderly people. One of our values is “to build and operate homes that celebrate the wonder of people and provide a quality of care that is delightful.” Bridgewater Manor care centre staff encourage our residents to remain active whether that be intellectually, socially or physically. We also help our residents nurture strong relationships with fellow residents in order to create emotional connections. We are open to different approaches and options when it comes to giving care. Whilst our care philosophy has some fundamental values, our approaches to care are always in development. This means we are attentive to the needs of each individual who is living in our care homes.

Magic Table - Dementia Care

Bridgewater Manor care home we champion the use of the “Magic” table or “Tovertafel” in the dementia community. Our Magic Table is a sensory activity which uses projections, sounds, and lights to display games that our residents living with dementia can engage with. Research shows sensory, interactive playing has a range of positive effects on residents with dementia. We encourage both residents and family members to play freely. This is a great way for younger members of the family to experience positive play with their older relatives. Allowing them to enjoy themselves and nurture strong relationships. New Care is one of few care home providers who are using the ‘Magic table’ as part of an innovative strategy to help residents living with dementia.

Oomph Wellbeing

Encouraging wellbeing for our residents is an integral part of our daily care services. To further support our residents we actively participate in“OOMPH!” wellbeing training which further develops our entire staff team in delivering a 360 degree approach to wellbeing. We aim to create a positive impact on residents at all times. The training and support packages enable staff to help our residents with everyday mental stimulation, regular and fun physical activities, as well as forging new connections and enjoying new experiences. Oomph training gives our team the tools that are needed to create emotional, mental, and physical stimulation for our residents.

Why You Should Choose Us

Meet the Team

Lisa Astley , Home Manager

I have been a qualified nurse since 1992 and been managing care homes for 15 years. I have a passion for excellent care and making a difference to peoples lives. This is why I had been waiting over a year for a Home Manager vacancy to join a company such as Newcare that shares my values.

Charlie Holmes, Deputy Home Manager

I qualified as a mental health nurse in 2017. Since then I worked in NHS then returned to the Private care home sector in 2019, where I was promoted to deputy manager. I have a passion for working in elderly care and prior to qualifying as a nurse I was a care assistant caring for residents living with dementia. I am young, enthusiastic and career driven. I aim to deliver the highest quality of care and compassion to my residents. Since joining New Care in January I already feel part of the family and I am looking forward to progressing my career, with the support of management and senior management.

Living at Bridgewater Manor

Quality, person-centred care is at the heart of Bridgewater Manor. This is enhanced further with our additional services, including purposeful and meaningful activities that reflect the interests and abilities of our residents.

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