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Formby Manor Care Home In Merseyside

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Welcome to Formby Manor Care Home and the beautiful seaside village of Formby. If you’re looking for care homes in Merseyside with a focus on excellent care and comfort, this care centre has everything residents need. Formby Manor Care Home is a new-generation facility, offering residential and nursing care, as well as dedicated dementia care. Merseyside is home to many popular towns, cities, and villages, making Formby Manor an ideally located care home. Merseyside residents wanting to stay close to family and friends can reside in luxurious surroundings at this easily accessible home. 

A Luxurious Formby Care Home 

Residents can enjoy a luxurious living experience at Formby Manor. Meeting all current CQC requirements, this care home offers spacious bedrooms with en-suite wetroom facilities to ensure comfort, safety, and care. Our residents can enjoy carefully planned interiors, including communal lounges where they can relax and socialise in their care home. Merseyside, and our other locations, also have fine dining restaurants that encourage both independence and interaction. Other premium features include a spa, assisted bathroom, hairdressers, and a nail bar, to make the care home experience as comfortable as possible. 

To support care home residents’ needs, we have created a unique and sumptuous space that uses calming colour palettes and patterns to soothe, while remaining stylish and modern. Through practical signage and space design, we have made sure that every resident, from those in need of dementia care to those accessing nursing care, feels safe and secure when living at our Formby Manor care centre.

Residential Care In Merseyside

Alongside a full roster of events and activities at the care home, residents can also take regular walks through our beautiful gardens or have a seat on our first floor terrace. We encourage our care home residents to breathe in the coastal Formby air and enjoy the surroundings of their care home. Merseyside has many other seaside locales to explore, such as New Brighton and West Kirby, which make for a lovely day out if spending time with loved ones away from the care home.  

Formby Manor is close to Formby town centre and is only 2 miles away from the fantastic Formby National Trust beaches and parks. Residents and their visiting families are able to enjoy the red squirrels and sand dunes right on our doorstep, and experience a tranquil care home environment that serves all of their needs.  

Reception Formby Manor

Formby Manor Care Home In Merseyside

67 Liverpool Road
L37 6BU

Formby Manor

76 beds


Nurse call system

Outdoor area

Hairdresser & Nail bar

En-suite facilities

Landscaped garden

Single rooms

Quiet Lounge

Wheelchair accessible

Lift access

Patio area

First Floor Terrace

Great Things About Formby Manor Care Home In Merseyside

lounge Formby Manor

Our Philosophy On Care

At the centre of our care is an idea “to build and operate homes that celebrate the wonder of people and provides a quality of care that is delightful.” We are proud to train and equip professional team members that devote their time to support residents on an individual basis and help them accomplish goals and nurture their independence. Our team appreciates that as residents explore their potential, their needs may change and so they are responsive in their care to follow our residents’ path and be there every step of the way.

Dementia Magic Table

Dementia Care and Magic Table

Through the use of colours, sounds, and movement the Magic Table creates a new sensory therapy for residents in our dementia care at Formby Manor. The “Tovertafel” has been a significant discovery in the dementia community with literature supporting sensory gameplay, and involving family members in the games, as part of positive activities for residents living with dementia. Residents and their families, especially children, are encouraged to use the table in having fun together and creating positive memories and feelings. We are proud that Formby Manor, and all New Care homes, are part of the care centre community leading the way in the use of Magic Tables in everyday dementia care.

hairdresser New Care

Oomph Wellbeing

Our staff undergoes ‘OOMPH’ training which allows them to give all-around care and specialist support in the wellbeing of our residents at the highest level possible. This training focuses on how we can always demonstrate a positive impact and organise mental stimulation, new experiences and connections, as well as routine yet fun physical activity for all of our residents. Here, at Formby Manor care home, we do our best to enable our staff to grow in their knowledge and wellbeing skills so that we can enhance the care we give our residents.

Why You Should Choose Us

Meet the Team

Janet Lewis, Home Manager

I have extensive experience working in clinical and management positions in both the NHS and independent care sector. I am thrilled to be part of the highly talented team at New Care Homes as Home Manager of the lovely Formby Manor Care Centre.

Janet Lewis, Home Manager

Nikki Foster, Clinical Lead

I have been a qualified RGN for 14 years and prior to those 9 years as a health care assistant. As a health care assistant, I worked with the elderly and then as a RGN worked in the NHS on a respiratory ward and then to ITU. I then was a complex care manager in the community. On reflection of my career, it was clear to me that working with the elderly is where my passion lied and was given the opportunity to join New Care. During my career change and wanting to work with the elderly again it was paramount to me to work for a company who had the same values and person-centred approach that I did and I certainly found it with New Care. I Joined New Care 5 months ago and can honestly say it is the best company I have worked with in my 23 years in the care sector. As the Clinical Lead I strongly feel I am given the opportunity to discuss what is right for our staff and to tailor clinical learning to individual needs to ensure the residents have the best care. I am supported in decisions made to ensure the resident and family's get the 5 star treatment they deserve. The Home Manager ensures we have an open-door policy for the staff, families, residents and health professionals. I feel privilege to work with a company that go above and beyond on a daily bases this is right up to the senior managers who when visit the home always bring nice treats with them. I was impressed when I was informed and witnessed Wellbeing Wednesday as this is to ensure the staff are also supported and looked after and give them time to enjoy treats and take time out. New Care have the residents always at the forefront of there ethos's but also the staff to ensure they are supported. A wise man once said to me 'if you enjoy your job, you will never work a day in your life' and this has been proven since I joined New Care.

Adele Sandison, Head of Care

I have worked in the care sector for 7 years; I started my career as a Care Assistant. I have now worked for New Care since 2020, I started my career at Formby Manor Care Centre as a Care Assistant. I loved my role as a Care Assistant and wanted to further my career with a company who I know looks after their staff. From Care Assistant I went on to be a Team Leader in the home, I worked as a Team Leader for 10 months and when the opportunity came to become a Head of Care I jumped at the chance. I have now been in my Head of Care role for 5 months. I have never felt as supported by a company as I do New Care. The home I work for is amazing, with amazing staff and leadership but I have found in my new role the support is not just the staff from my own home, it is a whole company approach and I love that.

Peter Gleave, Home Trainer

Having worked for Newcare for 3 years now I can say with absolute certainty that it has promoted an environment where learning is fun, accessible and generates positive discussion around improvement. As a trainer I feel like I am given the opportunity to choose what is right for our staff and to tailor learning to individual needs. The feedback is great and staff look forward to their sessions. But most importantly all staff are listened to and feel part of a great team, no matter their role.

Peter Gleave, Home Trainer

Living at Formby Manor

Quality, person-centred care is at the heart of Formby Manor. This is enhanced further with our additional services, including purposeful and meaningful activities that reflect the interests and abilities of our residents.

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