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Dementia Care

New Care supports residents living with dementia within our dedicated care environments designed specifically to ensure comfort and familiarity for those living with memory loss, adapted to suit more complex health needs. We invest positively in staff training and strive to ensure that we remain at the forefront of care provision surrounding dementia

Kind, compassionate and professional, we strive to improve the quality of life of our residents affected by dementia by focusing on their individuality, strengths and abilities. We also work closely with families and loved ones, involving them in the care plan and, in turn, empowering them. Our Dementia communities are designed with our residents in mind. There is subtle zoning and signposting to support our residents to find their way easily around the unit. The colour palettes used are calming in nature. The communal areas and corridors use stylish themes which we have found stimulate memories and conversation with our residents.  Each bedroom is identified by both the name of the person, and a memory box, which can accommodate pictures, and specific objects which are meaningful to the resident.

We complete a thorough assessment of our residents. This ensures that we have an individualised plan of care in relation to all of their needs including their dementia. This evolves as time passes, and means that we are in the majority of cases able to meet the residents changing needs. We believe in supporting all of our residents, including those living with dementia to take risk in a supportive environment and to have fun in their lives.

In line with our philosophy, we have installed a “Magic” table or “Tovertafel” in all of our dementia communities. There is significant literature on the positive effects on dementia of play. From our observations, the impact of the “Magic Table” is extremely positive for residents living with dementia. Residents and their relatives alike can play freely on the “Magic Table”. In addition, this is a particularly useful opportunity for involving younger relatives to experience positive play with their older relatives.

We are proud that New Care is one of a small group of providers who are leading the way in the UK, by purchasing the “Magic” table in all of our homes as part of our overarching strategy to provide opportunities for our residents living with dementia and their relatives to have fun together.

Every resident living in a New Care home has a well-appointed, spacious private bedroom with its own en suite wet room. Bedrooms are fully furnished, however, residents are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms with soft furnishings, pictures and ornaments to make them feel at home. Many of New Care homes feature silent call bell systems acoustic monitoring to ensure a more homely, less clinical environment. Wi-Fi is available throughout the home to ensure residents can be assisted by the staff team to keep in touch with families, friends.

Whether your loved one is showing early signs of dementia symptoms, or is living with a degenerative or vascular form of dementia, we understand their needs and can provide the support and care that they require.