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Dementia Care

Our specialist dementia care homes are set up to provide the very highest standards of tailored care to those living with dementia. We invest positively in staff training and strive to ensure that we remain at the forefront of residential dementia care services. 

What Is A Dementia Care Home? 

A dementia care home is a specialist facility offering care and support to those living with dementia. The nature of dementia means that symptoms can be different for every resident of a dementia care home. That’s why staff are specifically trained in this area of care and why every dementia care home has amenities and provisions designed around the needs of those living there.

Why Choose A Dementia Care Home? 

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A person with dementia requires a lot of care and attention, particularly as the condition progresses. Care homes for dementia are able to offer round-the-clock care in a safe and well-equipped environment. Dementia care homes provide a range of services and have multiple strategies aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals with dementia and their families. 

The NHS has a list of questions aimed at helping anyone who is considering moving a loved one into a dementia care home. Choosing a care home is an important decision and one that you want to make sure you get right. At New Care Homes, we offer a range of care services  personalised to each residents’ needs, so you can rely on individualised, expert-led and  person-centred care.

Our Dementia Care Home Facilities

Each of our dementia care homes has been created with comfort and familiarity in mind for those living with memory loss. Our interiors feature subtle zoning and signposting that helps residents to easily find their way around. The colour palettes inside our specialist dementia care homes are inspired by calming colours found in nature to soothe and relax residents. 

The communal areas and corridors in our dementia residential care homes are decorated in carefully chosen themes that we’ve found help to stimulate memories and conversation, and each bedroom is identified by the resident’s name. We also provide a memory box, which can contain meaningful pictures and objects. We want our residents to be as happy, comfortable and supported as possible, and this starts with each of our purpose-built dementia care homes.

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Specialist Dementia Care Homes

As well as a homely environment and carefully curated interior decor, our dementia care homes have the following facilities available to create the best possible environment for those living with dementia:

Private Bedrooms

Bedrooms are private, spacious and fully furnished, and residents can personalise their room with familiar soft furnishings, photographs and ornaments. There are en-suite wet rooms adjoined to each bedroom which are fully accessible too.

In addition, each dementia residential home also has silent call bell systems and acoustic monitoring to create a more homely, less clinical environment. Wi-Fi is available in all of our care home locations to ensure residents living with dementia can keep in touch with family and friends with the support of staff.  

Fine Dining Restaurants

Our fine dining restaurants have a huge range of food options available at each of our specialist dementia care homes. Dementia can bring with it some challenges around food, but our trained chefs cater for all dietary requirements, ensuring every resident gets a balanced and nutritious meal. We can also book private meals, so you can join loved ones for celebrations or regular visits.

Magic Tables

‘Magic tables’ or ‘tovertafel’ are available in each of our dementia care home communities, as research indicates the positive effects of play on dementia. 

We find that our ‘magic tables’ have an extremely positive impact on our residents who are receiving dementia care. Residents and their loved ones can play freely on the ‘magic table’, which enables younger relatives to experience positive play with the older generation. 

We’re proud that New Care is one of a small group of providers leading the way in the UK when it comes to ‘magic tables’. It’s all part of our aim to provide opportunities for our residents and their loved ones to have fun together.

Wellbeing Activities

Wellbeing activities are an important part of life at any New Care home. That goes for everyone, including those living under our dementia care provision. Engaging those with memory loss in activities and encouraging them to explore hobbies and interests can help to improve communication and create opportunities for social interaction.

Dementia Care Plans

Every resident accessing residential dementia care undergoes a thorough assessment to allow us to create a personalised care plan to support their specific needs. The care plan will evolve as time goes on, enabling us to continue to meet the changing needs of residents living with dementia.

We believe in supporting all of our residents, including those living with dementia, to take risks in a supportive environment and have fun in their lives. We focus on each resident’s individuality, strength and abilities, and we work closely with residents’ loved ones to create an empowering dementia care plan that takes individual needs into account.

Dementia Residential Care At New Care Homes 

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You may want to access dementia care for a loved one if they’re showing early signs of dementia, or you could be looking for dementia care and support for someone who’s already living with a degenerative or vascular form of dementia. Wherever you are in the journey, knowing when to move a loved one into a dementia care home is a big decision. 

We’re here to help you make the process and the transition as easy as possible. Our dementia care homes are set up to support residents with a range of complex needs. Our specialist dementia care homes in Cheshire, Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds are set in relaxing grounds but close to major transport links so you can keep your loved one close. 

If you’re unsure whether residential dementia care is the right option for your family, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.