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Respite Care

Respite care can be a lifeline for caregivers and provide a much-needed break. At New Care Homes, we offer respite services for the elderly, including emergency respite care and dementia respite care. Our qualified staff and luxury environments offer a safe, secure and comfortable place for people to stay while those caring for them take a well-earned rest.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is designed as a temporary break from a caring relationship. Respite care homes provide care to those who need it on a short-term basis so that their caregivers can attend to their own physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In a respite care home, trained professionals are on hand at all times and are able to offer support and administer medication where necessary. 

Respite care for the elderly can be booked around two weeks in advance, for example if caregivers are going on holiday, or for when you need to access emergency respite care. The minimum stay for our respite care services is two weeks. No matter the circumstances, our respite care homes are equipped to take care of your loved ones exactly as if they were a permanent resident, allowing you to take the opportunity for your own rest and relaxation or to deal with an emergency. 

The Benefits Of Respite Care?

There are many benefits of respite care for carers and for those who move into a respite care home

Benefits of respite care for carers:

  • Provides a much-needed break and time for self-care to reduce the risk of burnout
  • Helps alleviate feelings of stress, guilt and isolation that caregivers often experience
  • Allows opportunities to book holidays or breaks away 
  • Takes away the extra burden during times of stress, such as during a house move or when starting a new job
  • Can be used when caregivers themselves are unwell or recovering from medical procedures

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Respite care for the elderly has multiple benefits, including:

  • A welcome change of scenery
  • Access to specially trained residential care staff
  • An opportunity to build new relationships 
  • A chance to return to the caring relationship feeling refreshed with new perspective on the situation

A respite care home is a temporary solution and there is no set amount of time that a stay must last for, which is why respite care can often be the right choice for families and carers. 

Emergency Respite Care

There may be times when you need urgent respite care at short notice. Our respite care homes can accommodate this if space is available and we typically need around two weeks’ notice. Emergency respite care is accessed by people for a variety of reasons, but often, it is needed when caregivers fall ill or have an unexpected stay in hospital. You might even wish to use emergency respite care if the challenges of taking care of your loved one have become suddenly overwhelming and you need to recharge. 

Rest assured that anyone visiting New Care Homes in need of urgent respite care will be treated exactly the same as permanent residents, receiving care from qualified staff and staying in state-of-the-art facilities.

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Dementia Respite Care

Many people consider respite care homes when looking for dementia respite care. Being a caregiver for someone living with dementia can be challenging, and it’s natural to need a break. As with any form of respite care, there are also times when the demands of being a carer alongside daily life can become more difficult. For example, if you have a graduation ceremony or wedding to attend, or other ill relatives who need looking after, using dementia respite care can take the pressure off a little. 

You may also look at dementia respite care as a precursor to residential dementia care. It can be an opportunity to see if more permanent care would actually be a better long-term option.  

Residential Respite Care With New Care Homes

New Care Homes is a network of luxury care homes with locations across the UK. Our care homes are in leafy surroundings, but also close to major transport links. Our residential respite care services are open to anyone who needs them and anyone staying with us will get: 

  • A spacious bedroom with ensuite facilities
  • Interiors designed around the needs of elderly people with calming colours and clear signage
  • Wi-Fi in all areas to stay in touch with family and friends
  • A regular planned schedule of activities
  • Fine dining options and nutritious meals in our restaurants 
  • Access to 24-hour nursing staff where required

People staying in our respite care homes also have the opportunity to make new friends and to experience life in a residential care home, which could help with making future decisions. It’s not unusual for individuals to return for repeated respite care stays, or even to make the decision to stay for permanent residential care once they experience life in a New Care home.

If you have any questions about respite care for the elderly at New Care or any of our other care services, please contact us here.