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Respite Care

Respite care services are available at all New Care residential care homes (subject to availability) to benefit both caregivers and those being cared for.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is designed to be a temporary break from a caring relationship. Respite care services could be accessed while a carer goes on holiday, for example, or when they need a break to recharge their batteries. A respite care stay may also be needed for convalescence following surgery or illness.

What Are The Benefits Of Respite Care?

Respite care for elderly people can be extremely beneficial for both them and their caregivers, with these benefits including:

  • A welcome change of scenery
  • Access to specially trained residential care staff
  • An opportunity to build new relationships 
  • A chance to return to the caring relationship feeling refreshed with new perspective on the situation

If you’re unsure whether respite care is the right choice for your family, read our blog for more information on respite care.

Respite Care At New Care Homes

Respite care is available at all New Care homes (subject to availability) for individuals requiring residential, nursing, or dementia care services. Individuals staying in a New Care home for a period of respite care have access to all the same facilities as our full-time residents, including spacious private bedrooms, our fine dining facilities, and a programme of wellbeing activities.

People staying for respite care also have the opportunity to make new friends and to experience life in a residential care home, which could help with making future decisions. It’s not unusual for individuals to return for repeated respite care stays, or even to make the decision to stay for permanent residential care once they experience life in a New Care home.

If you have any questions about respite care at New Care or any of our other care services, please contact us here.