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Fine Dining

What Are Care Home Meals Like?

At New Care, meal times are a fine dining experience. Our stylish restaurants are a wonderful environment for residents to enjoy their meals, which are cooked on the premises. Every New Care home has a team of trained chefs who prepare beautiful, nutritious meals under the watchful eye of our experienced head chef.

We know that there can be no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to care home food, which is why we cater for all special dietary requirements and intolerances, as well as for health needs, for example with low-cholesterol recipes.

Are There Set Care Home Meal Times?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided every day, with our care home residents free to choose where they’d like to eat – they can stay in the privacy of their room, or join other residents in our restaurants. 

Morning coffee and cakes, and afternoon tea are also on offer every day, while additional hot and chilled drinks are available 24/7. Residents can make drinks independently, or have them served by our staff. 

Our care home food menus vary every day, so there’s always good variety and choice at mealtimes. There’s also the option for loved ones to book a table in one of our restaurants to enjoy a special occasion meal with a resident.

Come and see our fine dining facilities for yourself by arranging a visit to one of our New Care homes. Contact us today to find out more.