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Wellbeing & Activities

At New Care Homes we have dedicated activity staff who devise and deliver our activities and well-being programme. We work with our whole staff team so that everyone can participate in supporting our residents to have fun and enjoy life. We offer a range of activities that are based on our resident’s feedback. We have a calendar of events planned throughout the whole year.

We have established some groups in all of our homes, which link to residents, own hobbies and interests. This currently includes a range of subjects from gardening clubs to bridge clubs. We are always keen to start up new groups, to make sure we are supporting all of our residents to have a full and enjoyable life. This can either be re-engaging with a previous hobby or interest, or even learning something quite new.  The groups provide opportunities for residents, relatives and other to get together to enjoy a shared passion and have a good time together.

In order to develop this aspect of the service, we have also invested in ‘OOMPH!’ well-being. Oomph! provides training to our entire staff team to deliver a 360 degree approach to wellbeing, demonstrating a positive impact at all times. The training and support packages enable our staff to deliver everyday mental stimulation, regular, fun physical activity and new experiences & connections for  our residents. We have enabled all the members of our staff team to provide a set of complementary services to enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of our residents.

In addition to our approach to activities, we also offer trips that are tailored to people’s individual needs. This includes a variety of venues including garden centres, museums, shopping malls, the seaside and distilleries etc.