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Care Home Activities & Wellbeing Programme

Care home activities are integral to what it’s like to live in a residential care home. At New Care, we have dedicated activity staff who devise and deliver our care home activities and our wellbeing programme. 

Our staff work hard to ensure all of our residents can participate in our care home activities, so they can have fun and continue to enjoy life. 

We have a calendar of events planned throughout the year, with a range of activities based on our residents’ feedback.

Activities For Care Home Residents

The care home activities on offer vary across New Care homes, depending on residents’ hobbies and interests, from gardening clubs to bridge clubs. 

We’re always keen to start up new groups, to ensure we’re providing meaningful activities in our care homes so all of our residents can live a full, enjoyable life. New care home activities could be designed to help residents re-engage with an old hobby or interest, or even to learn something brand new.  

Our activity groups provide opportunities for residents and their loved ones to get together to enjoy a shared passion and make new memories.

Alongside our care home activities, we also offer trips to garden centres, museums, shopping centres, the seaside, and even distilleries, all tailored to our residents’ interests and needs.

Care Home Activities For Wellbeing

At New Care, we’ve invested in ‘Oomph!’ wellbeing training for all of our care home staff. Oomph! is designed to support our teams to deliver a 360-degree approach to wellbeing, demonstrating a positive impact to our care home residents at all times.

The Oomph! wellbeing programme enables our staff to deliver fun physical activity and everyday mental stimulation for our residents, providing them with the opportunity for new experiences and connections. Oomph! helps us to provide tailored care home activities to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our residents.

If you have any questions about the care home activities we offer, please contact us here.