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10 Ways To Stay Young At Heart

May 26th, 2023

Staying young at heart is as much about mindset as it is about anything else. There are lots of fun and easy ways to stay young at heart, many of which will also keep you feeling healthier and more energetic. This guide offers 10 top ways on how to stay young, be healthy, and feel happy.

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1. Stay Active

Physical activity has multiple benefits no matter how old or young you are. Physical activity doesn’t just have to mean exercise either. How to stay healthy depends on what your interests are; if you don’t like something then you won’t stick to it. 

If you enjoy aerobic exercise in your own home, then YouTube has lots of workout videos for seniors to try. You could also get plenty of steps in by visiting a National Trust site or trying a spot of golf. Find a physical activity you love and the question of how to stay healthy and feel young will be answered for you. 

2. Use Your Brain

Keeping your mind active is just as important as moving your body if you want to be young at heart. You can download brain training apps that will focus the mind and keep things sharp, but there are plenty of other ways to use your brain that encourage a sense of youthfulness. Make a bucket list of all the things you’d like to do, or discover mindfulness techniques that help you feel focused and energised. Simple things like staying curious, reading books, and striking up conversations with new people can all help you as you explore how to stay young. 

3. Be Social

Being around good people and enjoying other’s company is one of the easiest ways to stay young at heart. Friendships with those outside of your own generation can be particularly beneficial as you’ll learn about new trends, words, or technology. You can also enjoy passing on wisdom and sharing your own adventures from over the years. 

What’s more, spending time with friends on days out will provide new shared experiences so you can satisfy a sense of adventure and be young minded together.

4. Enjoy Music

According to a study by Hopkins Medicine, music has been shown to keep your brain young and has a huge number of benefits, from lowering anxiety and reducing blood pressure to improving your mood. Listen to music every day, and don’t stick to what you know, try new styles and songs. Music also means dancing, and dancing can really help you stay young at heart, and is a great way to stay healthy too.

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5. Find A Hobby

Finding a favourite pastime will keep your brain engaged and could spark a new-found passion. It doesn’t matter what the hobby is, it could be something as simple as some crafts or even something a little more life-changing like a new pet. Taking on new challenges and accomplishments is invigorating, and will help you with staying young and gaining even more confidence. 

Taking up a hobby you did as a child can be even more refreshing, as it could reignite a passion you had in your youth and can bring back fond memories.  

6. Embrace Technology

There’s an incredible amount of technology nowadays that can make life easier, and encourage you to be young in your thinking and your activities. Gadgets for the elderly, like smart speakers and watches, can open up a whole new world. So too can streaming services, which allow you to watch whatever you want, from films with inspiring older characters to popular new TV shows that give you a fresh perspective on life. 

Now is also a great time to discover social media; not only can it connect you with friends and family, but you can play games, learn dances, and watch funny videos on apps like TikTok; all of which keep you lively and young at heart.  

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7. Find Inspiration

Having someone to admire needn’t stop as you get older. Finding fashion, music, and movie icons to look up to can be a great source of inspiration as you watch how they manage to be young, no matter what their age. If you’ve been a fan of someone for a long time, it can be refreshing to see them still enjoying life and spur you on to stay young at heart.   

8. Take Care Of Yourself

If you’ve always taken pride in your appearance, from the clothes you wear to how you do your hair, then this can be a really valuable way to maintain a sense of yourself. Finding new ways to wear the things you love or trying a new hairstyle is guaranteed to give you a new lease of life and remind you that life doesn’t stop just because you get older. Have fun with fashion and take care of yourself as you’ve always done to maintain a sense of youthfulness and pride.

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9. Laugh Often

Laughter really is the best medicine, and if you want to be young for as long as possible you should laugh often every day. Find joy in simple things, take trips with family where you can all reminisce and laugh together, and spend time with friends old and new who make you laugh out loud. One of the keys to staying young at heart is to not take yourself or life too seriously, so enjoy this next phase of life and find something to keep you giggling. 

10. Try Something New

It’s never ever too late to try something new. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go on a cruise, or give yoga a go. Say yes to more opportunities and don’t be afraid to get things wrong. Trying something new can be exhilarating, which definitely contributes to staying young at heart. 

If you find that you enjoy your new experience or are particularly good at a new pursuit, then the satisfaction and confidence this brings will also pep you up and leave you feeling young and sprightly.

Staying Young At Heart In A Care Home 

Living in a care home brings with it a raft of new experiences, from new faces and friendships to exciting activities and days out. At New Care Homes, we encourage all of our residents to stay young at heart, be it through everyday conversations with nursing staff or by enjoying visits from friends and family. 

Our luxurious interiors also encourage seniors to mix and mingle in the communal areas, and our fine dining restaurants are tailored to all dietary needs with lots of great-tasting dishes to try. Living in a care home fosters a real sense of community and residents can reminisce and laugh together, or bond over their new shared experience. 
Please contact us to visit one of our care homes or to simply ask any questions about moving into a care home and how we make that transition as easy as possible.