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100th Birthday Ideas To Help You Celebrate 

June 19th, 2023

Turning 100 is a huge milestone that rightly deserves a celebration. Whether you’re hunting down 100th birthday gifts, or deciding how to decorate a 100th birthday cake, you want to make sure any 100th birthday celebrations are perfect and that your nearest and dearest enjoys every moment.

There are many 100th birthday ideas to help create an unforgettable occasion, from small gatherings to big parties, and thoughtful gifts to memorable gestures. Honouring an entire century of life is most definitely cause for celebration, and marking 100 years of experience, wisdom, and joy deserves lots of thought. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or a big social gathering, finding the right 100th birthday ideas for your loved one will help you to start planning and make sure everything is as incredible as they are.  

Where To Start With 100th Birthday Ideas

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It’s likely that you’ll begin by making a list of 100th birthday ideas that help you decide what you want to do and what to include. Before this step, however, think about the recipient. As with buying any 100th birthday gifts, planning what to do for the day should also be personal to the individual whose birthday it is. 

This can be especially true for some elderly people who like to stick to routines or don’t like a fuss. Seniors suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease for example, could become very overwhelmed if unfamiliar faces show up.

A 100th birthday is undoubtedly a reason to pay tribute to a loved one and it’s natural to want to dedicate the day to them. The best 100th birthday ideas will be the ones that are exactly what your loved one would want, so keep them at the heart of everything. 

Ideas For 100th Birthday Party

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There are lots of places where you could have a 100th birthday party, some of which may depend on the season. Outdoor parties are often popular 100th birthday ideas during the summer months when you can take advantage of back gardens or local parks. This is especially good for seniors who enjoy being outside among nature. Be sure to arrange any outdoor parties when it isn’t too hot or too cold to make sure everyone is comfortable. 

Other possible venues and good 100th birthday ideas include:

  • Favourite restaurants that mean something to the family
  • Local social clubs that were perhaps a regular meeting place to socialise in the past
  • Sports club, like golf clubs, that your loved one regularly played at
  • Your own home where your family member feels relaxed in familiar surroundings
  • If your loved one is in a care home, you can speak to staff and find out if there are any provisions for small celebrations

Pick a venue that’s convenient and accessible first and foremost, and then perhaps consider any places with special memories attached.

Guest List

Over the course of 100 years, it’s inevitable that people will have made a lot of friends, and likely have many generations of family members who want to celebrate with them. It can be tempting to invite everyone. A centennial birthday celebration might indeed call for a large guest list, especially if the man or woman of the hour is still very sociable and enjoys lots of company. However, some seniors might only want a select few people with them on their big day.

Plan the guest list carefully to make sure everyone on it is exactly who would be wanted there – even if that means just two or three people. Once you’ve established who’ll be there, you can get on with the more fun 100th birthday ideas. There’s no use buying an enormous 100th birthday cake if it will only be an intimate lunch for close family after all. 


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Good food is essential for every celebration. A 100th birthday cake is, of course, top of the list, but you’ll need to think about other types of food too. If your guest list is minimal and the event will be at home, a lovely afternoon tea might suit best. If you’re planning a family dinner at a nice restaurant, consider if there will be something appropriate on the menu for an elderly person who may find it harder to eat. 

Many seniors still love tucking into new foods or enjoying old favourites. A good old buffet won’t go amiss, as there’ll be something for everyone. If your 100th birthday ideas involve having a celebration at a care home, then you may be able to book one of the restaurants for a meal. New Care Homes has fine dining restaurants in all of our homes and menus that cater for all tastes. 


A list of 100th birthday ideas wouldn’t be complete without a mention of music. Music styles have changed drastically over 100 years, and each decade will have songs that hold fond memories. You could create a playlist of favourites from every era, or refine your choices to the heyday of your relative or loved one. Perhaps ask everyone attending the celebration to choose one song that reminds them of the star of the show. If there will be a few seniors attending, organising a gentle tea dance or playing some old music videos could be lovely 100th birthday ideas.


Not every party needs a theme of course, but if you’re struggling for 100th birthday ideas, a simple theme could help guide you in the right direction. You might ask everyone attending to wear something that was in fashion 100 years ago. Other themed 100th birthday ideas include each person dressing as someone from a certain decade or from a favourite era, like the 40s or 50s.

This might also help you choose decorations too. If your event has a 50s twist then you can colour coordinate and even choose some retro food items like a fondue platter that will make people reminisce. 

Party Games

Party games for a 100th birthday might be a bit more subdued, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any at all. Some easy 100th birthday ideas for party games include things like:

  • What Year Was It? – where everyone has to guess which year photos of the centenarian are from
  • Then And Now – make a list of all the things that have changed in the last 100 years and see who can guess the most
  • The Price Is Right – see if anyone can guess all the right prices for items 100 years ago
  • Who Said What? – make a list of famous quotes from the last 100 years and see if everyone knows who said them
  • Pass the Parcel – 100th birthday ideas don’t have to be totally grown up. Including a few simple children’s games can be a lot of fun, especially for the young at heart

100th Birthday Gifts

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It can be hard to come up with 100th birthday gifts when you think that someone probably has everything they need. This is why 100th birthday gifts can be a bit more personal and you could choose something very special.

Time Together

Quality time is definitely one of the best birthday gifts you can give. For seniors who are still mobile and happy with some travel, a family holiday could be a beautiful occasion where you all get together, tell stories, and simply enjoy one another’s company. A more convenient option might be a UK day out, or a trip to a beautiful garden like a National Trust location

Whether your 100th birthday gift is a holiday or a day out, check ahead to make sure where you’re going is accessible, and look into the weather forecast to make sure it will be a comfortable temperature for elderly people.


What better time to head down memory lane than a centennial celebration? 100 years is a lot of history. Consider compiling a scrapbook full of photos, letters, and even things like ticket stubs. A simple notebook filled with written tributes from loved ones is a lovingly made 100th birthday gift, and for anyone tech savvy, a video with recorded messages can be watched over and over again. These 100th birthday ideas can also be good if certain people can’t attend any celebrations. 

Charitable Donations

There are some wonderful 100th birthday gifts that can be kept and passed down for generations. However, if the centenarian doesn’t want to receive presents, making a donation to a charity of their choice could be a really special way to celebrate them. You might also choose this option if your loved one has had a lot of support from specific charities throughout their lives. Honouring them with a charitable 100th birthday gift can go a long way. 

Framed Letter

A letter from the King is an incredibly special 100th birthday gift. If the recipient has a state pension then there is no need to apply for a letter as it will be sent automatically. However, if your loved one does not have a state pension, you can easily apply online for a letter to be sent to them on their 100th birthday. 

Once the letter has been received, it would be a lovely idea to frame it and put it in pride of place, to commemorate such an incredible occasion. 

100th Birthday Ideas For Care Home Residents 

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If your loved one is living in a care home, you might feel even more stuck for 100th birthday ideas. Rest assured that care home staff want everyone to enjoy each important milestone they have while living in the care home.

You may be able to organise a small garden party, a delicious family meal, or an afternoon of games with other residents. 

New Care Homes are located across the UK and are in ideal locations with luxurious interiors, social communal spaces, and plenty of outdoor space. If you would like to arrange a celebration, we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Please contact us to find out more about our residential care options or to discuss any upcoming celebrations for your loved one living in a care home.