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4 Ways TikTok Is Connecting Grandparents To Younger Generations

March 5th, 2021

Over the last 12 months communication, mental health, and wellbeing have been put to the test as we have had to find new ways to keep our spirits up. Some of the biggest issues we have faced during these odd times is ensuring that older generations are still able to keep in touch with their loved ones whilst still staying on track with their health and exercise. However, an answer to engaging with seniors and encouraging them to move, laugh, and stay in touch, came in the unlikeliest of places – TikTok.

The social media platform TikTok allows users to create short films – whether they are adding music, sounds, or speech bubbles to share messages, this viral platform opened a whole new world of dances everyone wanted to learn and funny videos we all wanted to watch. During the lockdown, some elderly couples have decided that one way to brighten up their day would be to learn the dances, do some pranks, or just film funny and endearing moments of their life. And the internet loved it!

To celebrate the new ways that grandparents can connect with their family we decided to take a look at some of the most popular senior couples on TikTok, like the fabulous Doncaster couple who took over the internet, and share with you some of our favourite dancers, singers, and endearing older couples who used TikTok as a means of connecting with the younger generation.

1. The Elderly Couples Taking On TikTok Dancers

Whether you are 17 or 71, if you have a dancer’s spark in your body, you will always find a way to shake those hips. One of the biggest challenges we are facing in lockdown is how to keep our family moving, especially those that may have mobility issues. Whilst at New Care Homes we pride ourselves in activities tailored to ensuring all of our senior residents “get their groove on” – it simply may not be the case for elderly people who live alone.

TikTok proved useful in inspiring our golden generation to simply make use of the space and mobility they have! This lovely couple who decided to show their granddaughter what real romance and dance is about:


#cuddle #grandma #granny #nanny #love #couplegoals #coupledance #nonni #oldcouple #romagnamia #lovesong #sundayroutine

♬ Romagna mia – Casadei

2. The Viral Grandparents of TikTok Challenges

We have learned that TikTok loves challenges. Small moves in those tight mobile phone frames make learning these dance challenge moves easy for young and elderly! We loved seeing how these challenges really allowed older couples to do something new – not only did they have to learn and memorise moves to the music, they were also able to get their heart pumping in a safe way.

New Care loves seeing how music and moving can bring back the joy in senior residents, it is no surprise that these challenges became popular and gave grandmas and grandpas across the world a reason to join in.

It is fantastic to see how the account GrandpaChan, the starters of this trend, used TikTok dances to get more involved with what their grandchildren love. The 78-year-old Korean couple not only dances regularly to all the challenges but often involves their grandchildren. We love that this new way of communication can bring generations together:


#tlog #fyp #deargrandchildren #손주들을위해 #실룩실룩 #방글방글 #다따라해보기

♬ original sound – JC_CHALLENGE_PH🇵🇭🎧

3. The Grandparents That Make TikTok Smile

They say laughter is the best medicine and whilst it started as a proverb it is very true! Science says that laughter helps us release endorphins which lower stress whilst allowing our brain to work on connectivity and staying sharp, and most of all, laughter bonds us. Knowing the power of a good and joyous laugh makes the following videos even more endearing.

We appreciate the comradery that happens when grandparents want to join in on modern trends. Even teenagers are not able to master these TikTok dances – but these two definitely showed us that it is possible and can be done with flare and a smile:


My grandparents didnt believe they could do a tik tok dance… blow this up and prove them wrong! #fyp #grandparents #dance #grandma #grandpa #4u

♬ Laxed (Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685

4. The TikTok Senior Couples That Educate in Long-Lasting Love

If there is one thing that we took away from watching these elderly TikTok stars it is that no matter what age you are, the spark never goes away. Seeing older generations on TikTok is a way of educating us and reminding everyone to enjoy every moment, find happiness in the little things, and remember that even in these uncertain times we can enjoy each other’s company – one way or another.

The best thing about all these older couples is that they are happy to laugh at each other and with each other – and they don’t mind sharing it with the world to connect with us all. Dance to your beat, sing proud, and laugh – it is good for your health!


♬ Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles

TikTok Connecting Grandparents to Younger Generations

We hope that you enjoyed this collection of lovely grandparents on TikTok and that you are inspired to make the most of how social media can connect and help wellbeing in these uncertain times.

Whether it is a simple dance challenge in your room or garden, or sharing videos with your grandparents and grandchildren joining social media challenges to bond. Seeing the joy this new social media tool has brought to 689 million users from around the world we are happy to see that the older generation is taking advantage of connecting to others.