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5 Of The Best Holidays For The Elderly

June 14th, 2023

Holidays for the elderly come with a whole heap of benefits, just as they do for everybody. A seniors’ holiday is a chance to take a break from everyday life, explore new places, rest, and relax. Holidays for the elderly may come with some extra considerations, but with travel being so good for the mind, body, and soul, it’s definitely worth it. Choosing the best senior holiday will, of course, come down to personal choice and individual circumstances. This guide rounds up some great places to visit for seniors, and provides inspiration for senior holidays, including cruise trips and coach tours.

Taking A Seniors Holiday

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There are lots of reasons why a break away can work wonders, especially for older people. Retirement is an exciting new chapter, but just as with any routine, a break from the everyday can help us to reset and restore. Here’s a few reasons why holidays for the elderly are so beneficial:

Reducing Stress

Looking after the home, taking care of pets or even having grandchildren stay are all part and parcel of many seniors’ daily lives. Stepping out of these day-to-day tasks and having time to read, explore, or simply lie on a beach can help to reduce any extra stress.

Mental Stimulation

As we age, it’s important to keep our mind active. Going on a seniors’ holiday introduces you to new places, foods, and cultures and can spark curiosity, helping you to remain young at heart.

Physical Activity

As well as exercising our brain, exercising our body is equally as important. A holiday can motivate us to get out and about, enjoying sunset walks or some gentle swimming.


Holidays for the elderly can be a chance to reconnect with loved ones if going away with family, or an opportunity to make new friends. This is especially true if going on an organised seniors’ holiday like a coach tour.

Personal Development

It’s never too late to develop new passions or discover new things about yourself. Holidays for the elderly can ignite long forgotten memories and even help to inspire new hobbies once you’re back home.

Things To Consider When Going On A Seniors Holiday

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When planning any holidays for the elderly, it can be a good idea to make a list of certain things to think about before and during the holiday. Your list might include:

  • Researching the location, including the hotel and local area, to ensure it’s accessible and that there are food options available for all tastes
  • Making sure you have enough medication or other essential items. This might mean a trip to see your GP to explain you’re going away and may need some extra medication if your current prescription is due to run out while you’re away 
  • Organise any travel insurance and be sure to get a policy that covers you for pre-existing medical conditions. This might mean looking specifically for holiday insurance for the elderly, which could offer better cover than standard options
  • Arranging any specific transportation if mobility is an issue, or requesting things like a ground floor room 
  • Telling family, friends, or neighbours the details of your holiday so they can get in touch with you if needs be. You might also need to arrange any care for pets or even your plants while you’re away

The Best Holidays For The Elderly

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Alongside practical considerations like the heat, level of activity, and the proximity to important amenities, deciding on the best holiday for seniors is mostly dependent on personal preference. Some senior holidays can be to far flung destinations like Thailand, while others will prefer a staycation in the UK. Whether you want to travel independently or as part of a larger group will also affect your decision. Here’s a rundown of some of the best types of holidays for the elderly:

1. European Holidays For Seniors

With some beautiful destinations close by, European holidays for seniors are an easy and convenient travel option. Holidays in Europe come with many benefits, including short travel times, a range of coastal or inland areas, and likely some familiarity, as many seniors will have travelled to European cities previously. Some of our best bets for senior holidays in Europe are:


Perhaps the most obvious choice when choosing holidays for the elderly, there are a huge number of Spanish destinations within easy reach of local airports, like Majorca near Palma Airport or the Costa Del Sol near Malaga airport. For seniors who enjoy a warm city break, beautiful Barcelona is a short plane ride away and is full of culture and relaxing pit stops.


Another place worth looking into for senior holidays, Italy’s slow pace of life makes it a wonderful holiday for elderly people who want to soak up some sun and indulge in delicious Mediterranean food.


This small but incredible country has grown in popularity over recent years. This could be down to it being one of the locations for the filming of Game of Thrones, or perhaps more people have realised the beauty of its crystal clear waters and stunning architecture. Croatia is a great seniors holiday destination for those who still enjoy getting out and about and igniting their curiosity. 

The climate in Europe is also a bonus when looking at senior holidays. For those who do not like excess heat, choosing to go in the cooler months means you can still enjoy travel and new experiences without overheating or feeling uncomfortable.

2. Coach Tour Holidays For Seniors

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Coach tours take much of the hassle out of organising a holiday for seniors by pre-arranging the trip and managing all the details for you. Choose from UK coach tours and visit places you’ve never been to before, or try holidays further afield, including city breaks and sightseeing tours.

Coach tour holidays for the elderly also come with the added bonus of meeting like-minded people. For seniors with a sense of adventure who might be travelling alone, to couples looking to make new friends, a coach tour is an ideal way to connect with the others and make new friends. 

A coach tour holiday for seniors usually comes with travel, accommodation, and day trips all included, so you know exactly what to expect; perfect for any seniors who get a bit anxious when travelling. While some coach tours still involve flying to your departure point, others are taken entirely by coach, and possibly a ferry if visiting Europe. This can be an excellent way to enjoy a holiday for seniors who have perhaps grown more nervous about flying but still want the chance to relax and unwind on holiday.

3. Cruise Holidays For Seniors

A cruise is the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury travel and has something for everyone. Cruise holidays for seniors can mean relaxing on board by the pool, or hopping off any one of the many stops you visit on the way.

There are multiple food and dining options, which can be helpful for seniors with special dietary requirements, and all manner of entertainment throughout the day and night. 

The other great thing about a cruise is that the staff on board are with you for the whole holiday. This means you can plan ahead and inform them of any special considerations, like accessibility for less mobile holiday makers. Cruise holidays for the elderly can be a really relaxing way to discover new places and have new adventures, while being surrounded by amenities and home comforts. Try European cruises if you’d rather stay closer to home or explore the wider world, for example on a Caribbean cruise. The gift of retirement is time, so why not take advantage of that by booking a leisurely cruise holiday?

4. Bucket List Holidays For Seniors

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It’s never too late to take the trip of a lifetime. Bucket list holidays for seniors can mean absolutely anything. If there’s a place you’ve always dreamt of visiting or an experience you’re desperate to have, then make the most of your free time and start planning. Some bucket list destinations include:


The Northern Lights are up there on most people’s to-do list. Try to visit between November and February for the best chance of seeing them. You can also view the geysers, hot springs, and volcanoes, and marvel at the dramatic landscape.


If you never got the chance to do the student backpacking trip, then now is the time to try it, and explore all the beautiful islands of Thailand. Travel companies will be able to advise on the safest and easiest ways to travel around Thailand for seniors who still want to globe trot.


The Cappadocia Balloon Festival takes place every year in Turkey and is an awe-inspiring sight that has to be seen to be believed. Combine this with a few days at a hotel where you can rest and you have a seniors holiday that ticks several boxes.


Take in the splendour of Niagara Falls with a visit to Canada and embark on a bus tour of the Rocky Mountains. Holidays for the elderly don’t just mean hot spots and sunbathing. Canada is a true bucket list destination that, when carefully planned, can be a true joy for seniors.

Bucket list holidays for the elderly may not be for everyone, but for those who are still able and have a thirst for adventure, there are ways to make once-in-a-lifetime trips happen.

5. UK Holidays For Seniors

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There are many reasons why some seniors might prefer a staycation, and luckily the UK has an abundance of places that make perfect holidays for the elderly.

Choose from organised tours that take you to places like the Lake District, Torquay, or Llandudno, with pre-planned excursions included too. Blackpool remains a classic holiday for seniors wishing to relive their youth and take a walk along the prom, or picturesque Edinburgh has a castle, lots of quaint shops, and buskers lining the cobbled streets for a UK seniors holiday with some added culture.

UK holidays for seniors are generally easy to organise and get to, and give seniors and their families added peace of mind that they aren’t far from home. Savvy seniors might be happy to book separate travel and accommodation and take care of the trip themselves, while others may prefer package trips where everything is managed for you. Another option is to make it a family affair and enjoy a UK holiday with loved ones that everyone can enjoy.
There are no end of coastal spots, countryside walks or city experiences in the UK, all within easy reach by road or rail.

Enjoying A Break When You Can No Longer Go On Holiday

There may come a time when going on a seniors holiday is no longer possible. It could be due to dementia or a struggle with mobility. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t break away from the daily routine. Single days out in the UK can be enriching and enjoyable, especially when spent with family and friends. 

When living in a care home, days out to local places of interest and beauty can still be arranged, whether that’s with care home staff as part of the home’s activities programme, or with loved ones on pre-arranged trips.

New Care Homes also have on-site fine dining restaurants where loved ones can dine with their family members and residents get to enjoy something different from their normal meal times. 

For family members or carers looking after someone elderly, we also have respite care so that you can take a break for yourself. For more long-term options, take a look at our nursing care and residential care provisions. 

Please contact us to find out more about how New Care Homes can lighten the load, or the many ways we keep seniors healthy, happy, and active.