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7 Easy to Use Mobile Phones for Elderly

April 8th, 2021

Finding a good mobile phone for elderly users is not always an easy task. There are many factors to consider in mobile phone purchases such as the technical knowledge level of the older person, what is needed from the mobile phone, and any disabilities or limitations that might impact what functionalities are needed. 

There are so many options available in the accessible mobile phone ranges. From those popular brands like Apple iPhones that are adding more and more accessibility functions to brands like Doro and TTFone which create mobiles solely for elderly users. 

Whether you are looking for the best mobile phone for your elderly parents or you yourself are older and in need of a phone that will suit your needs, take a look at some of the smartphones and easy to use mobiles that we have found.

1. Mobile Phone for Older Person with Big Buttons

One of the most Googled problems when searching for a mobile phone for elderly parents, relatives, or for yourself is the size of the buttons. Whilst most mobiles these days switched over to no button smartphones, which elderly users might find to be too complicated, others have retained their small and hard to push buttons for aesthetic. 

We had a look at some of the best phones out there with big buttons and found the TTfone Jupiter 2 TT850 an excellent choice for a simple mobile with easy to see and press buttons. This mobile phone comes with other great features such as an extra loudspeaker, an SOS button, and a charging dock. 

2. Mobile with Large Screen For Older Users

If you are looking for a large screen that will display easy to see icons and messages there are a few options that are worth looking at. One of the best sellers is the Doro 1360 which has a wide display screen, it’s an unusual feature but one that is very much needed in smaller, simpler mobile phones. As Doro is a manufacturer dedicated to helping older people feel comfortable with phones, this mobile also has high contrast buttons and an assistance button in case of emergencies. 

If your family member is happy to use smartphones, there are numerous fantastic accessibility features on modern operating systems. Whether it is an Android or an iOS operated mobile you will see options to increase the size of text as well options focusing on making the overall display (icons, notifications, etc.) large and easy to read. 

3 Extra Loud Speaker Mobile Phones for Users with Hearing Problems

Most mobile phones have an extra loudspeaker function, but did you know that there are speciality made mobiles that are optimised for those hard of hearing or with hearing aids? One of the most popular options is the Amplicomms PowerTel M6750 mobile phone which has a fantastic audio boost function without any interference or white noise background for hearing aid users. 

4. SOS Buttons on Mobile Phones for Older People

These days it is very easy to find a mobile phone with an assistance or SOS button. Modern companies crafting mobile phones for older people have made this feature a priority. For a simpler phone and an easy to spot emergency button, you can give the Denver GSP-110 MK2 a try, it comes with various other features such as large buttons, talking numbers, Bluetooth, and many more. 

The TTfone Comet TT100 is a big button and easy display mobile phone that features a large SOS button on the front of the mobile rather than the back like other manufacturers. It is easy to use and the assistance button won’t be clicked on accidentally thanks to its unique placement. 

If you’re a bit savvier and prefer a smartphone, Apple iOS and Android have now included an SOS function on their mobiles for extra safety. To set up the SOS Call on your Apple, Android, or even Garmin Watch devices please read this article.

5. Basic Mobile Phone for Elderly

We searched for an easy to use mobile phone for the elderly that won’t require much set up or clicking if the users only requirement is to make phone calls to people most important to them. The Doro 780X is an incredibly simple to use mobile phone, although pricey in comparison to other Doro phones. 

This Doro mobile has three large A, B, and C buttons that can be assigned callers – meaning you simply need to click one of the letters to dial directly to one of your important contacts. What’s more, the Doro 780X  is waterproof and comes with GPS tracking, safety timers, and an assistance button to ensure the extra safety of its user.

Person holding an older mobile phone

6. Easy to Use Mobile Phones with Dock Charging

Fiddly little cables with small ports are becoming a thing of the past as companies like Apple are seeing the benefits of easy to charge mobile phone solutions. Doro and TTfone have already pioneered docking chargers for their elderly mobile phone users. Mobile phones such as the Doro 730X is a dock charging mobile that is rain-resistant and shockproof for outdoorsy users, but there are many easy to charge phones out there!

If you are an Apple user there are various MagSafe chargers where you simply place your iPhone on top and let it charge. Other options for some Samsung, Google Pixel, or Android-powered mobile phones are also available.

7. Smartphone for Elderly Users

Although there are Doro smartphones that are aimed at elderly users, we had a look at some mainstream smartphones that are simple to use and offer great support for older people wanting to stay in touch and in the know. 

A couple of favourites in the accessibility community are the Apple iPhone SE, the last of iPhones with a home button making it easy to use without the need to worry about swiping movements or face recognition; we also love the Google Pixel 5, it’s a fantastic water-resistant phone that will charge wirelessly and will let you set up Google Assistant to help manage your inbox, messages, and more.

Which Mobile Phone Should You Choose for Older People?

Although the price and purpose of the mobile phone are very important, it is good to also find out whether the phones are SIM locked, available for credits (pay as you go), or available for normal monthly plans with service provided. Most mobile phones will have an option for both pay as you go and monthly plans and you will come unlocked – meaning you can choose what SIM and service provider you’d like to go with. 

We hope that this little guide helps you in finding the right phone for yourself or your close ones. Whether it is to help them stay in touch, call in case of emergencies, or browse the internet and take photos – there are many options out there that can be tailored exactly to what your needs are.