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7 Of The Best National Trust Days Out for Seniors

April 27th, 2023

There are over 500 National Trust locations in the UK, each with their own history and beauty to enjoy. Whether visiting all day or for a special event, or simply to while away an afternoon, National Trust days out are perfect for seniors who enjoy history, horticulture, and a good afternoon tea.

What Is The National Trust?

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The National Trust was created over 125 years ago when the founders recognised the need to preserve areas and sites of beauty. This dedication to maintaining properties, gardens, and nature reserves is at the heart of the National Trust. Many of these sites have now been set up for the public to visit so that we can enjoy National Trust days out at these historic sites and areas of natural beauty. Sites have been updated to be accessible, with modern amenities for visitors, while still maintaining their original features and charm. 

National Trust Membership For Seniors

National Trust days out are open to everybody and visitors can pay when they arrive for entry or parking. However, you can also buy a National Trust membership. A National Trust membership gives you free entry to over 500 sites, free parking at many National Trust car parks, and access to magazines, handbooks, and event information. 

There are several National Trust membership options available, from individual to family passes, through to a lifetime membership. Each membership comes with a monthly or yearly fee. There is also a National Trust membership for seniors specifically. The National Trust membership for seniors offers 25% off a full price membership for over-60s who have already been a National Trust member for three or more years. 

A National Trust membership for seniors gives you the chance to explore multiple National Trust locations, including stately homes and magnificent gardens, and guarantees a glorious day out in the UK.

National Trust Days Out For Seniors

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With so many wonderful National Trust locations on the doorstep, you might be wondering where to visit next. National Trust days out can be as leisurely as a stroll around an old mill or as tasty as a pitstop at one of the cafes. Here, we look at some of the National Trust locations in the UK and why they make a great day out for seniors. 

National Trust Cheshire

Cheshire is home to some of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK, with endless days out to discover. The National Trust in Cheshire has gardens, stately homes, and halls a-plenty, most of which are very accessible from the surrounding areas, so seniors can enjoy National Trust days out easily.

Hare Hill

Hare Hill is truly a vision in spring when the gardens are renewed and flowers start to bloom. The beautiful walled garden is a great spot for a picnic and you can stroll by the pond to see the purple irises. The natural play area has tree trunks to climb on and all kinds of nature to explore, so is one of many National Trust days out that is great to do with grandchildren. 

Hare Hill is close to Macclesfield in Cheshire, and can be reached by car or by rail. The nearest train station is around 2 ½ miles away, or you can take a short drive from Cheshire towns like Lymm or Cheadle. Our Cheadle Manor Care Home is, in fact, only 25 minutes away from Hare Hill, giving seniors access to the picturesque gardens and a relaxing day out.

Lyme Park

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When it comes to National Trust days out for seniors who love heritage and history, Lyme Park is up there with the best. Set in 1,400 acres of garden, moorland and rolling fields, the jewel in Lyme Park’s crown is the great house with over 600 years worth of secrets and artefacts. It actually stood in for Pemberley in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in the 90s. There are free talks and tours around the house and an estate full of wildlife to explore. If you have a National Trust membership for seniors, it will be put to good use here.

Lyme Park is in Disley, Stockport and is close to the M60. It is a mere 20-minute drive from Bramhall Manor Care Centre, which itself has a beautiful landscaped garden.

National Trust Manchester

The city of Manchester has a huge amount of activities for seniors, and is also close to many of the National Trust Cheshire sites. However, seniors who like the city surroundings can find a hidden gem as part of the National Trust Manchester.

Castlefield Viaduct

Castlefield Viaduct is a Grade II listed viaduct that has been lovingly restored and nurtured to become a ‘garden in the sky’. With stunning views across the city and easily accessible by car, rail, or tram, Castlefield Viaduct is one of the more unusual and exciting National Trust days out. It is near to many Manchester suburbs, like Sale in South Manchester, which is home to Ashlands Manor Care Centre, just 20 minutes away.

National Trust Leeds

Yorkshire has a rich history and sprawling moorland, so it’s no surprise that National Trust locations in Leeds mean castles, great halls, and stunning vistas. 

East Riddlesden Hall

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For delicious food and cakes, East Riddlesden Hall should definitely be on the list of National Trust days out for seniors. You can enjoy a sandwich in the historic Bothy, with accessible seating available on the ground floor and outside, before purchasing chutneys or chocolate to take home. At the right time of day, you can catch birdsong in the garden or look out for wildlife in the lower fields. 

Adel Manor Care Centre in Leeds is around 35 minutes’ drive from East Riddlesden Hall. There is also a train station in nearby Keighley for seniors with a railcard or those who prefer not to drive. 

National Trust Nottingham

There are many treasured landmarks and fun activities in Nottingham. When it comes to National Trust days out in the area, you’ll find quaint 1920s houses, sprawling estates, and coastal idylls. 

The Workhouse And Infirmary

For those with an existing National Trust membership for seniors who love immersing themselves in history, a trip to The Workhouse and Infirmary is a must. Dating back to 1824, the building was a refuge for the poor and has been preserved to give visitors a taste of what life was like. There are also vegetable gardens, orchards, and a well-stocked cafe. The National Trust Nottingham also holds workshops and experiences throughout the year to bring The Workhouse And Infirmary to life. 

The Workhouse And Infirmary is less than an hour away from Nottingham city centre by car. It is also only 35 minutes from The Grand Nottingham Care Home, which itself is surrounded by open spaces and farmlands. 

National Trust Merseyside

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Merseyside may have associations with big cities and some of the best bands the UK has produced, but it also has some beautiful National Trust locations. There are quirky additions too that date back to a more modern era but are no less wonderful to see.

Speke Hall

Speke Hall is an exquisite Tudor house that boasts a colourful garden, a play maze, and a coastal reserve. National Trust days out at Speke Hall can be stretched across a morning and an afternoon with all there is to see and do. There’s even a second hand bookshop spilling with books from every era. 

Situated just on the edge of Liverpool, you can get to Speke Hall easily from the M62 or even get a bus that will drop you just ½ a mile from the reception. Formby Manor Care Home is around an hour away from Speke Hall, as well as many other brilliant activities based in Merseyside.

The Beatles Childhood Homes

There are possibly no other National Trust days out that will spark nostalgia quite like a visit to The Beatles’ childhood homes. You can book guided tours around John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s childhood houses, which have been maintained to look exactly as they did in the 1950s, and where some of The Beatles’ first hits were created. It’s a perfect day out for music-loving seniors and well worth a trip to Liverpool. Even better, when you book the tour you are taken in a bus from Speke Hall, so you can do both in one day.

National Trust Days Out For Seniors In A Care Home

If you live in a care home yourself, or you have a loved one who has recently moved to a care home, you can still make the most of National Trust days out. New Care Homes are a network of luxurious care homes based in the north of England. We encourage family members to take loved ones out for the day when possible to make memories the whole family can treasure.

We also organise trips from each of our care home locations to ensure our residents continue to have enriching experiences. You can discuss the many National Trust locations together and decide where you would next like to go. For those seniors who cannot make it out, reminiscing about past trips can be a wonderful way to bond and relive good times.

If you would like to know more about the provision in any of the care homes, please contact us here.