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7 Ways To Personalise A Care Home Bedroom

October 3rd, 2022

Moving into a care home can be a huge transition, and an emotional time, as you get used to new surroundings, new neighbours, and care home staff being on hand 24/7. When you first move into your care home bedroom, it may look a little bare, but think of it as a blank slate to put your own stamp on. 

At New Care homes, all of our residents have their own private room with basic care home bedroom furniture and an en-suite bathroom. We pride ourselves on our stylish, luxurious, modern interiors, but it’s natural to want to personalise your space to make it your own.

care home bedroom

Some of our residents are with us for many years, so it’s important to spend time making your care home bedroom feel like a home away from home – somewhere you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, and where you’ll be proud to welcome friends and family for visits. We understand how important pride in your surroundings is at every stage of life, regardless of your changing circumstances.

Read on to discover our top tips on how to create your very own luxury care home bedroom.

1. Surround Yourself With Familiar Items

Make your care home bedroom feel like home from the first moment you move in by bringing familiar items from home to personalise the space. Bring your favourite soft furnishings, knick knacks and ornaments, small pieces of furniture, and family photographs to make the space your own.

Decorating the walls with the same artwork you had at home can also help to ease the transition, and don’t forget those little touches like your favourite comfy slippers.

Familiar items can help new care home residents settle into their new environment more quickly, easing the transition. 

2. A Pop Of Colour

colourful cushions

You won’t be able to go as far as painting the walls of your care home bedroom, but you will be able to add a pop of colour to the space in other ways, such as through soft furnishings, ornaments, and flowers.

Warm tones can make a space feel especially cosy and homely, so look for cushions and throws in the following colours:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Caramel
  • Gold
  • Mustard
  • Burgundy

3. The Power Of Scent

Using scent in your care home bedroom can help to separate it out from the rest of the care home, making your space feel more like your own. If you had a particular reed diffuser, scented drawer liners, or bowl of pot pourri in your old home, bring this with you to the care home to make it feel just like home. 

Smell can be incredibly evocative and can even help to trigger memories. To create a warming, cosy feeling, look for reed diffusers with notes of warming vanilla, deep florals like neroli, or opt for something woodier with a base of cedar.

4. Cosy Soft Furnishings

pile of blankets

When you first move into your care home room, it may not look particularly cosy, but adding soft furnishings in a variety of textures will put a stop to that. A few ways to use soft furnishings to make your new bedroom feel extra cosy include:

  • Make your bed feel extra inviting with decorative cushions and a cosy throw
  • Add cushions in warm, bright colours to chairs to make the space feel extra welcoming
  • Make sure you have plenty of blankets to hand for cooler evenings
  • Mix up knitted, fleecy, furry, and velvet textures to add extra depth and warmth to the room
  • Invest in a few little luxury touches, such as a furry hot water bottle cover, for extra cosiness

5. Create A Family Photo Collage

Surrounding yourself with photos can be a lovely way to add a personal touch to a care home room – you might not be living with family, but it’s lovely to be able to see their faces every day.

Keep photo albums close by, create a collage of favourite photos for your wall, and make sure you have plenty of photo frames to hand so you can always display a new photo of your grandchildren or a new family wedding snap to surround yourself with love and joy at all times.

6. Add Fresh Flowers

Introducing fresh – or even artificial – flowers to a care home room can add an extra burst of colour and fragrance, and can be a lovely way to bring the outdoors indoors. Remember, it’s those little touches that can really make a space feel like home.


Good options for flowers to brighten up a care home bedroom include:

  • Gerberas, which come in lovely bright colours and are relatively long-lasting
  • Alstroemerias, another long-lasting choice 
  • Orchids or poinsettias, as they’re both relatively low-maintenance 
  • Cacti or succulents, which are even more low-maintenance, requiring minimal water

Care home staff are on hand to help water flowers and plants, so if you’re sending flowers to a loved one who’s under the weather or recuperating in bed, you can be sure the delivery will be in safe hands and will brighten their care home room for weeks to come.

You can also subscribe to services that will deliver flowers directly to you every week or month, which can be a great way to enjoy variety, and you’ll receive something cheering in the post on a regular basis.

7. Dementia Care Home Decorating Ideas

Familiar items, scents, family photographs, and memory boxes become all the more important when your loved one has a degenerative condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease

As their illness progresses, they may be confused to find themselves in a place that isn’t the home they remember, so familiar belongings can be a source of comfort, and enable you to talk about days gone by together. Looking at old photographs, smelling familiar scents, and even hearing old favourite music can evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia that may trigger memories and talking points.

Even if your loved one reaches a place where they don’t remember everyone’s name, knowing that they’re surrounded by photos of people they must love in their care home room can provide a source of comfort.

Care Home Interiors At New Care Homes

JCP PPR NC Med Res 5086

At New Care homes, all of our care home interiors and garden spaces have been designed with our residents’ wellbeing in mind. For instance, we’ve taken steps to make sure that all of our care homes are dementia-friendly, using subtle zoning and signposting in calming colours to help all residents navigate their way around as independently as possible.

We also like to bring the outdoors indoors, using plants throughout our homes, and many of our ground floor rooms have patio doors that lead out into our gardens, providing beautiful views. 

Contact us today to arrange a visit to your nearest New Care home to see our luxury care home bedrooms and decor for yourself. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.