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8 Things To Do In Warrington For Seniors

May 31st, 2023

Warrington, with its green spaces and village feel, ties together beautiful surroundings with the hubbub of industry and activity. There are plenty of things to do in Warrington for seniors, and it can easily give neighbouring cities Manchester and Liverpool a run for their money. Warrington is the more like the tranquil cousin of these two big cities, and Warrington attractions include peaceful walks and sprawling parks, as well as fascinating museums and big days out. There’s shopping and dining too of course, so seniors can enjoy a wander around the shops or spend time eating and chatting with friends and family.

Let’s take a look at the Warrington things to do for seniors and why they are worth taking time to visit.

1. Warrington Museum And Art Gallery

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery is one of the oldest museums in the world and is home to fascinating artefacts and pieces of history. Browse the glass cabinets to discover geological collections, Egyptian fossils, and a cabinet of curiosities. The museum is vast and varied with something to capture all imaginations. For seniors who enjoy art, this is likely one of the best Warrington attractions. Exhibits change regularly and there are multiple artistic styles on display. There are also workshops and talks throughout the year, so you can keep coming back without getting bored whenever you’re looking for things to do in Warrington.

2. Lymm Dam

Lymm Dam has long been a popular spot for anyone wanting things to do in Warrington. Enjoy a picturesque walk along the dam, stop off at a local pub for a bite to eat, or sit by the water and enjoy the peace and quiet. Lymm Dam is also a popular Cheshire fishing spot so you’ll likely see some anglers enjoying their afternoon. The walk is roughly 3km if done from start to finish, but of course, you can choose to do a shorter walk and turn back. There’s usually an ice cream van parked up too if you want a quick refreshment or it’s a lovely sunny day. 

3. Walton Hall Park and Gardens

joakim honkasalo GZa4QFmv0Zg unsplash

Walton Hall Park and Gardens has no shortage of things to do in Warrington. This Warrington attraction features well-tended gardens perfect for a lazy afternoon and also has a very generous play facility, so is ideal for anyone enjoying a day out with the grandchildren. 

Golf enthusiasts can enjoy an hour or so of crazy golf and animal lovers can meander through the zoo or even walk an alpaca. There are outdoor cinema screenings throughout the summer too, showing classic films like Grease, and the Heritage Cafe has a wonderful selection of fresh food and cakes. 

4. RAF Burtonwood Heritage Centre

Any seniors looking for free things to do in Warrington may well enjoy a visit to RAF Burtonwood Heritage Centre. As you’d expect, there are exhibitions and displays from the war, and recreations of air raid shelters and wartime era shops. There are also several planes to admire and a cockpit that you can see up close with stories and talks going on throughout the day. The centre is located on the same site as one of the most popular Warrington attractions, Gulliver’s World. Seniors with a sense of adventure might even want to jump on a rollercoaster with the grandchildren for some thrills and spills!

5. Daresbury Dairy

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Just a little outside Warrington is Daresbury Dairy. Warrington things to do don’t come more delicious than a big scoop of Daresbury Dairy ice cream in one of several delicious flavours. All the ice cream is made on site and you can sit on one of the charming wooden benches and take in the views while enjoying a sweet treat. The only thing to worry about is whether to go for raspberry pavlova or Jaffa Cake flavour.

6. Grappenhall Heys Walled Gardens

Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden dates back to the early 1800s. While the original house has been demolished, the stunning gardens remain. There are two main areas to explore, the Kitchen Garden and the Pleasure Garden. The Pleasure Garden is a tranquil retreat framed by pretty bonds and diverse flora and fauna. Meanwhile, the Kitchen Garden is where many fruits and vegetables are grown and is tended to by volunteers. 

There’s a cafe on site for you to buy lunch or refreshments, and we’d advise eating yours outdoors on a picnic blanket so you can take in the surroundings. This has to be one of the best Warrington things to do for seniors who enjoy gardening and the great outdoors.

7. Warrington Market

Warrington Market is an award winning site with more than 50 market traders and a cookhouse filled with food vendors. As we’ve covered, there are many things to do in Warrington that tick the cultural, historical, and scenic boxes, but sometimes a nice meal and a look around the market is more than enough. 

Seniors who enjoy finding hidden gems on the market stall or like to try new foods will love the convenience of Warrington Market, with everything under one roof. Weekends can typically be busier, which is great if you still enjoy the hustle and bustle, but weekdays can be quieter if you prefer a calmer environment. Warrington Market is a great place to visit with family too. There’s plenty of parking if you are still happy to drive, or Warrington Central Train Station is roughly a ten-minute walk away if you’re travelling by rail.

8. Lewis Carroll Centre

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Daresbury, just outside of Warrington Town Centre, was the birthplace of Lewis Carroll, most famous for writing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. To celebrate this heritage, Darebsury has the Lewis Carroll Centre, with books and drawings celebrating the author, and a stunning stained glass window created in his honour. 

You can also take a walk around some of the places Lewis Carroll frequented as a boy, including Daresbury Church and the former Smithy in Daresbury Village. The complete walk is 6 miles, but for seniors who’d prefer a shorter walk, you can just take in some of the trail at your own pace.

Warrington attractions have a little something for everyone and, with indoor and outdoor options, there are things to do in Warrington whatever the weather.

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