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Care Home Visits: How To Continue To Include Your Loved One In Family Life

March 30th, 2022

Visiting a loved one in a care home for the first time can feel a little daunting, especially if you’ve been living together previously, or you’ve been used to visiting them in their own home. Having to book an appointment to see your loved one can feel strange at first, and it’s natural to wonder how the visit will work with care home staff around.

All of these concerns are completely normal when you’re navigating care home visits for the first time, but they’re nothing to worry about – you’ll soon get used to visiting requirements, and you’ll of course be able to maintain family relationships.

Although your loved one will be kept busy as they’re immersed in care home living with lots of activities to take part in and new people to meet, they’ll of course still have plenty of time to see and chat to you, and stay as involved with family life as possible.

What To Expect From Care Home Visits

There’s nothing to be daunted by when you’re visiting a care home for the first time. Care homes are incredibly welcoming places, with relatives and friends visiting residents all of the time. You’ll usually need to book your visit in advance, and you may need to wear a face covering – always check the home’s specific requirements before your visit – but you’ll still be able to enjoy quality time with your loved one.

Children, including babies and toddlers, are usually welcome, and some care homes may even allow you to bring a pet for a visit, which can be a great comfort if the resident has had to rehome a beloved animal ahead of their move.

granddaughter hugging grandmother

When you visit your loved one, they’ll still be able to play host thanks to our 24-hour hot drink facilities, and they’ll still have their personal belongings, familiar soft furnishings, and family photographs in their room that you were used to seeing them in their own home.

If the weather allows, you may also be allowed to spend time together in the care home garden; if they have a ground floor room, their bedroom may even look out onto it.

How To Still Include Your Loved One In Family Life

You can still enjoy all the same family moments as before with your loved one after they’ve moved into a care home, it might just require a little extra planning.

You’ll still be able to have plenty of contact with your loved one via calls and in person – and our care home staff are always on hand to help with setting up virtual calls if they need a hand. 

older couple on a video call

Sometimes, setting up a virtual family quiz or multi-way call with everyone in their own homes can be a great way to keep a care home resident involved without them feeling as though they’re missing out; if everyone is physically apart, they won’t feel as left out, but you’ll still be enjoying quality time together. 

Other ways to continue to involve your loved one to make sure they still feel at the centre of the family include:

  • Let them know about any new babies or engagements as soon as they happen – and if there’s a way to involve them in the announcement, include them as much as you can
  • Bring new babies to meet them as soon as possible – this is always a treat for care home staff too!
  • If there’s an occasion they can’t make it to, such as a wedding, bring them a piece of cake and plenty of photos to look through 
  • Involve them in discussions you’re having at home, such as what to buy a younger family member for their birthday, or which of several colour schemes you should choose for a wedding – it’ll mean the world for them to know their opinions are valued

How To Celebrate Family Occasions When A Loved One Is In A Care Home

There are lots of ways to continue to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and anniversaries together when you have a loved one in a care home. 

birthday present

You can still take your loved one for a birthday trip out too – again, you’ll just need to let our care home staff know your plans, so we can check if there are any implications for our COVID policy.

We have care homes Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Nottingham, and Lytham St Annes, with some wonderful days out to be had in each area:

  • If you’re visiting one of our Formby Manor Care Home in Merseyside, the stunning Formby beach is just a couple of miles away
  • The Hamptons Care Centre in Lytham St Annes is also situated very close to the town’s beautiful beach
  • Our Greater Manchester care homes are close to some fascinating stately homes and National Trust properties, including Bramall Hall and Quarry Bank Mill
  • If you have a loved one at Ruddington Manor Care Home in Nottingham, visiting the nearby Wilwell Farm Nature Reserve and Wilford Claypit Nature Reserve is a must
  • Our Chester care home, Grosvenor Manor, is located close to the historic Chester city centre, which offers some brilliant walks around its Roman city walls

Visiting New Care Homes

New Care homes are always ready to welcome the family and friends of our loved ones for a visit. We do ask you to book in advance and take a lateral flow test before your visit to help us to continue to manage the COVID-19 situation. 

We know how crucial care home visits are for both our residents’ and their families’ mental and emotional wellbeing, and for maintaining family ties. We have the facilities for garden visits if you’d feel safer meeting your loved one outdoors, and you can still take them out for the day, as long as you’re keeping the risk as low as possible by avoiding places that are too crowded.

If you have any questions about care home visits or any of our care home facilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.