Expert care at Ruddington Manor: What is the difference between nursing care and residential care?

17 January 2019

It is inevitable that as you or your loved ones grow in age, your needs and care requirements also change, therefore, when considering specialist nursing or residential care it’s important to know exactly what each of these care homes provide and whether they’re the right option for you.

Both nursing and residential care homes provide round-the-clock care, planned activities, meals that are prepared and served and any help that may be needed with personal care.

Residential care

When it comes to Residential care, staff are highly experienced and available 24 hours a day to assist residents with their everyday personal care e.g. helping them wash, dress, and engage in social or physical activities.

Although nurses are not on site at all times, they can be called in when necessary to administer certain medicines and treat any complex wounds or illnesses if it’s needed. Overall, residential care homes are suitable for individuals who are finding it increasingly difficult to live alone and are in need of daily care and support with day-to-day activities.

Nursing care

Despite nursing care being similar to residential care in the way that it provides all the support that a residential care home does, the main difference is that registered nurses are on-site 24hours a day to ensure that residents with ongoing medical conditions are cared for day and night by nursing staff.

Nursing care homes are the best place for individuals that have complex medical conditions as the nurses are trained to be able to monitor their health and act on any symptom changes. Nurses are also then better informed about whether calling a doctor is necessary.

Expert Residential and Nursing Care at Ruddington Manor

Ruddington Manor, in Wilford, is a luxury “new generation” care home that offers both nursing and residential care which ensures all residents are getting the right bespoke care for their needs, conditions and abilities.

Aside from the qualified nurses on-site at Ruddington, the care staff have also invested in a brand new approach to residential and nursing care training, ‘Oomph!’ well-being. This innovative training program equips staff with the skills and knowledge to deliver a 360-degree approach to resident’s well-being and have a positive impact at all times. For more information on the staff programme and training, read our previous blog on Unrivalled residential and nursing care in Wilford (hyperlinked).

If you or a loved one are finding it increasingly difficult to live alone, contact our friendly team of experts to book your personal viewing of the care home and find out more information.