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Gift Ideas For Older People

September 24th, 2023

Choosing gifts for elderly people can be tricky. After all, they usually have everything they need or want already. The best advice we can give is to think about what your loved one or friend truly enjoys or has an interest in. Everyone in their golden years loves and appreciates knowing you’ve put some thought into their present. We’re going to take a look at some of the best gift ideas for older people, whether you’re buying for a friend, parent, or grandparent.

Wonderful Gifts For Elderly Women

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If you need inspiration to help you choose gifts for elderly women, we’ve put together some ideas, ranging from practical items they need to activities they’ll really enjoy. Whether you’re shopping for your mum, auntie, or friend, there’s something for everyone.

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are always great gifts for elderly women if you’re unsure exactly what to buy. If you pick a gift card for their favourite shops, restaurants, or activities like the cinema, they can be an incredibly thoughtful option. Maybe your loved one enjoys going to the theatre. If you know what type of show or play they enjoy, you can buy them the tickets straight away. However, if you’d rather let them choose, you can opt for the gift card option. Many theatres have gift cards from £10, and you could even combine it with a day out. Manchester, for example, has the famous Palace Theatre, Opera House Lowry and Royal Exchange Theatre, as well as many restaurants nearby to make a day of it.

2. Tote Bag For Daily Shopping

A tote bag is a wonderful gift if your loved one is often shopping or out and about on errands. This is one of the more practical gift ideas for older people but one that they’ll use everyday and really appreciate. You can inject more thought into this purchase by buying a bag which features something they are fond of. If they like dogs or books, you can get bags decorated with them, or even get a favourite picture printed on the side.

3. Stylish Clothing And Accessories

Getting older certainly doesn’t mean people have to retire from fashion trends. In fact, senior years are a prime time to embrace who you are and adopt new clothing and accessory styles. There are plenty of fashion icons proving you can still have ‘it’ way into your senior years. Some on-trend accessories would make gorgeous gifts for elderly women. If you’re looking for something for women over the age of 60, opt for simple, elegant, and classic choices. Single-stud pearl earrings are a great choice, as is a silk patterned scarf to add a bit of colour to outfits.

Some more clothing and accessories gifts for elderly women could include: 

  • Earrings, bracelet and necklace 
  • Winter gloves and hat 
  • Stylish belts
  • Sunglasses 
  • Brooches 

Perfect Gifts For Elderly Men

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Maybe you’re fed up with buying the senior men in your life the same pair of socks every year and you’d like to get him something a little different. Think about what really interests your dad, friend, or uncle has before you start buying. Some great gifts for elderly men include:

1. Gifts That Entertain And Engage

Everyone has different interests, so this will depend entirely on what your loved one enjoys most. If they like taking part in quizzes and learning about fun facts, consider getting them a trivia board game to keep their brain active. Another good option is to get them something to look forward to. If they’re a massive football fan, a ticket to support their favourite club would definitely be up there with the best gifts for elderly men

Gift ideas for older people don’t come much better than something that they get to enjoy with you too. A classic board game is a great gift that all of the family can enjoy together.

2. Garden Wear Or Active Wear 

We all know someone who loves a spot of gardening, and brand new garden gloves or shiny new tools would be well received gifts for elderly men. If you know a man over the age of 60 who still enjoys keeping active by power walking or playing golf, you can buy them some appropriate active wear or a brightly coloured set of golf balls that are easy to see.

3. Men’s Accessories

Why not wow your dad or grandad with some fancy male accessories? We’re talking about wallets, luxury fragrances, comfortable dressing gowns, and smartwatches. These gifts for elderly men are especially good if it’s a milestone celebration, and you want to show you really care.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Older People

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The best gifts for elderly people, or anyone really, are those that come from the heart. More than anything, these kinds of gifts should be meaningful and thoughtful. Imagine the complete joy when they see how much thought you’ve put into their gift this year. Our thoughtful gift ideas for older people include:

1. A Photo Album Or Keepsake Box

Name a better way to surprise someone than by adding all their favourite photos to an album. Another good idea is to create a memory box with all their favourite pictures and memories from significant events in their lives. You can include memories from their wedding day, their first house, or holidays together, and include letters, CDs and DVDs, awards, or anything related to a hobby they have. 

Both luxury photo albums and memory boxes can be picked up at an affordable price in almost any homeware store. If you want to make these gifts for elderly women or men even more personal, you could engrave a message onto them.

2. Family Name Art

For grandmas and grandads, a wonderful way to show them how proud you are to carry their family name is some framed art with the family tree or name on. It’s also a great way to inject something a little different into their home. If you’re interested in buying some family name art for your grandparents, try Not On The High Street for unusual gift ideas for older people. These wonderful gifts range from £20-£100 depending on the style you go for.

3. Homemade Gift Basket

Homemade gift baskets and hampers make truly lovely gifts for elderly people. Not only are they a delight to open, but they contain lots of treats that everyone loves. They’re also really simple to make. Make a box filled with sweets and chocolate if you need gifts for elderly men who have a sweet tooth. For someone who loves cheese, you could put together a cheese and crackers hamper. Make sure to decorate with ribbon and add your very own note inside to make these special and thoughtful gifts for elderly people.

Technology Gifts For Older People

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Technology is great for us all, and can be especially useful for older people. Some great technology gifts for seniors will help them keep track of their daily tasks and activities or play their favourite music and games. Let’s take a look at some great technology gift ideas for older people:

1. Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is a camera placed outside on someone’s front door. When there’s motion detected at the door, or someone presses the bell, you are notified via an app. Video doorbells are great for added security, and are good gifts for elderly people who want to feel more secure in their home, especially if they live alone. They can also give you peace of mind if you’re worried about an elderly person and want reassurance that they’re safe.

2. Amazon Echo Or Alexa

Both of these devices make home life a lot easier, as they allow you to access any information you’d like immediately. Whether you want to know the weather forecast, confirm a fact, listen to your favourite music, or set up home automations like thermostat or light control, these devices have a lot to offer. Smart speakers and similar gadgets really are brilliant gift ideas for older people and can help them to remain independent and enjoy podcasts, games and audiobooks.

3. Tablet, Ipad or Kindle

Tablets or Kindles make wonderful gifts for elderly people because they’re portable and great for using at home or when out and about. Seniors can download their favourite games or read new books, which allows them to keep their mind active in an enjoyable way. When choosing a tablet device or a Kindle for seniors, it’s a good idea to think about some challenges elderly people face. Look for devices that accommodate poor eyesight by increasing text size and impaired hearing by offering different notification sounds and volumes. Although these might be slightly more expensive gift ideas for older people, they really offer a lot of benefits and will be a gift that keeps on giving for many years.

Celebrating With New Care Homes

We hope you’ve found this guide to gift ideas for older people helpful and you’re excited to start gift hunting. Remember, when looking for that perfect gift, think about what your loved one or friend has an interest in, their age range, and what they truly need. Keep this in mind and you’ll be well on your way to giving the best gift possible, whether it’s for an anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or even a 100th birthday

If you have any questions about the living experience at New Care Homes, how to organise a celebration with your loved one living with us, or how friends and family can be an active part of our residents’ lives, please contact us. We’d love to tell you more and invite you to visit one of our care homes near you.