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Senior Models and Fashion Icons That Still Have ‘It’

September 22nd, 2021

Your senior years are a perfect opportunity to enjoy life and live happily. People’s opinions don’t bother you, you are armed with a wealth of experience, your kids have left home, and you have the freedom to do all the things you want to do. Whether you want to model yourself or simply want some fashion and beauty tips for your senior years, you have come to the right place. 

Here, we take a look at some senior models who still have ‘it’ and we will share some of their easy health, care, and beauty tips to encourage age positivity. 

Iconic Senior Models With Different Styles

The great thing about beauty and style is that it means something different to everyone. Each person has their own identity and can pull off different styles. You can choose from a simple look which expresses elegance or an extravagant look that makes a statement. Looking for some style inspiration? Take a look at some well known models below: 

The Rebel Aesthetic Of Vivienne Westwood

Maybe you fancy sporting an alternative style? Vivienne Westwood is an English fashion designer and businesswoman, largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. She is well known for her rebellious style that showcases her political values, and despite being in her 80’s, she still rocks this look!

Wang Deshun 

Wang Deshun is an 80 year old fashion model well known for sporting long, silver locks and having a well defined body. He puts his youthful appearance down to his youthful mindset and argues that ‘nature determines age, you determine mindset.’ 

Guenther Krabbenhoeft

Krabbenhoeft is well recognised for his quirky and unusual style. The 75 year old is often spotted walking the streets of Berlin, with his equally stylish wife, Britt Kanja. He often sports a three piece suit on the daily and makes the world his runway! 

Carmen Dell’orefice

Ever wondered the secrets to ageless beauty and style? Carmen Dell’orefice is certainly the woman to take inspiration from. The 85 year old model looks more captivating than ever while sporting a healthy glow and a full-bodied, silver mane. For her, the key to living a long and happy life is balance. Staying healthy is important, but enjoying the finer things in life is equally important.

The Radiance and Elegance of Helen Mirren

Young and old, Helen Mirren is known for her natural beauty and elegant style. But, beauty isn’t just about looks! Mirren is passionate about beauty running a lot deeper than physical appearance. Beauty comes in many forms and we can all agree that is much more than simply how we look. Mirren’s secrets to still having ‘it’ are remaining optimistic, laughing, and simply enjoying life to the fullest.

Iris Apfel

Now, we have saved the most iconic female fashion model until last. Iris Apfel is a magnificent 100 years old and still rocks an alternative, eye-catching style. Known for her bold accessories, Apfel is more stylish than ever and is proof that when it comes to forging a unique style, age really is just a number!

Health and Beauty Tips For Your Golden Years

The habits you carry out every day have a big impact on how you feel. It’s never too late to start making small changes to your lifestyle and health habits. You’ll start feeling more energised in no time! Feeling great is more than simply looking good, it’s a matter of striking a balance between physical and mental health too. So, start small and ask yourself what changes you could make to lead a more fulfilled life.

Below are some more top tips for keeping yourself happy and healthy:

Be Confident and Champion Your Natural Beauty 

Tip number one is to welcome and embrace the natural beauty of aging. There is something very endearing about a person who embraces their greying hair and isn’t afraid to let the world know they are in their golden years. Plus, even the youth are dying their hair grey today, so be proud that you’re the original, natural silver fox!

Eat Well and Stay Active With Light Exercise

The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ is very literally true. Every part of our body is fed by the food we consume! So, taking care to eat foods that nourish our bodies is so important. And, don’t forget that the occasional treat is good for you too! 

When it comes to exercise, there are loads of options that range in intensity for older people. Walking is great because you can go at your own pace and take regular breaks. Or maybe you enjoy nothing more than being in the water – how about trying some wild swimming to get the blood flow going? If you’re looking for a relaxing exercise then Tai chi is a perfect example. It combines light exercise and meditative practices to calm the mind and the body. 

Maintain Social Connections and Nurture New Friendships 

Maintaining strong social connections with friends and family is a great way to add excitement and fun to your life. Strong friendships increase self-esteem and empathy, and there’s no better way to smile and laugh than by speaking to an old friend who you’ve shared many memories with. Next time you’re feeling down, why not call up a friend and go out for the day? The reminiscing and laughing will put you in an instant good mood. 
Be Bright and Bold by Wearing Vibrant Colours 

There is no better way to lift your spirits than by putting on some bright colours. Adding some daring colours to your wardrobe is a great way to glow and add radiance to your appearance. The colours you wear can say a lot about you. Yellow is associated with happiness and freedom and orange is related to confidence and creativity. Why not express yourself through colour? 

Embrace Your Senior Years and Know You Still Have ‘It’

Enjoying your life is a significant contributor to healthy aging and doing what you love most is a major part of that. Another great tip is to seek out the funny in every situation you find yourself in. At New Care, we champion age positivity amongst our residents by encouraging well-being activities from exercise to beauty care. To learn more about our living experience, please take a look at the activities we offer daily.