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The Best Brain Apps For Seniors And 10 Other Apps To Download

September 26th, 2022

There’s so much more to smartphones than simply keeping in touch with loved ones and browsing the web; apps (short for applications) can bring a whole new dimension to a smartphone, with everything from brain apps for seniors to fun games, and even dating apps to help you find love in later life.

Check out our recommendations for the best mobile phones for seniors, including easy-to-use smartphones, and keep reading to discover our favourite apps for seniors to enhance your life. 

What Are The Best Brain Apps For Seniors?

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From logic puzzles to brain training exercises and word games, read on to discover five of the best brain apps for seniors available to download right now.

1. CogniFit

CogniFit is one of the most varied brain apps for seniors out there, as it has such a wide range of games to test your short-term memory, non-verbal memory, auditory perception, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Games include digital word search puzzles, sudoku, bowling games, and mahjong, just to name a few.

Spending just a few minutes a day playing a game or two will give your brain a workout and help to keep your cognitive skills ticking over.

2. Lumosity

Next on our list of the best brain apps for seniors is Lumosity. When you download this app, you’re asked to take a quick test, which will assess your brain cognitive fitness compared to other people in your age group. The app will then create a personalised brain training programme based on your current abilities to give your brain a workout.

This will include games centred around:

  • Speed
  • Memory
  • Attention span
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Problem solving
  • Maths skills

3. Wordle


One of the best word game apps for seniors – and all other ages – has to be Wordle. This simple word game became something of a phenomenon at the start of 2022, and it was later bought by the New York Times.

Wordle is a great way to get a quick daily mental workout. One new puzzle is released each day, and you have six chances to work out what the daily five-letter ‘wordle’ is. Some letters will be eliminated from the equation on each guess, and your scores will be saved, so you can see your performance stats every day, which is a great incentive to improve. 

4. Classic Sudoku Puzzle

If you prefer number-based brain training games, an Android app like Classic Sudoku Puzzle is a good way to give your brain workout. This app releases 100 new sudoku puzzles every week that you can play on your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can play on the go without the need for a puzzle book and a pen.

5. Memory Games: Brain Training

Last but not least on our list of recommended brain apps for seniors is Memory Games: Brain Training, another great set of logic-based memory games for Android users. 

This app has a social aspect too, as you can challenge your friends and family to compete with you, giving you an extra incentive to improve. This is also a good way to connect with loved ones each day if you don’t get to see them as often as you’d like.

10 Other Brilliant Apps For Seniors 

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Brain training apps are not the only apps we recommend for seniors. From messaging apps to audiobook apps and even dating apps, there are so many fantastic apps out there that can really enhance your life. Keep reading to discover our top ten recommended apps for seniors.

1. WhatsApp

If you’re used to texting, you’ll have no problem getting to grips with WhatsApp. We’ve chosen this as the best messaging app for seniors, because it’s arguably the best messaging app for people of all ages, as it’s free and incredibly easy to use.

WhatsApp allows you to send text-based messages, as well as voice notes (short clips of yourself speaking), images, video clips, and more. You can also create WhatsApp groups, which are a great way to keep in touch with family, arrange outings with friends, or even share your daily Wordle score with fellow competitors.

2. Big SMS For Seniors

Big SMS for Seniors is an app for Android smartphones that makes the font appear bigger when you’re reading text messages, making it easier for you to see messages and respond to conversations. If your eyesight needs an extra helping hand, this is a great little add-on for your smartphone. 

3. Magnifying Glass With Light

Magnifying Glass with Light is an app that does exactly what the name suggests – it illuminates your screen and makes text bigger, allowing you to zoom in to see hard-to-read text. Larger text and a brighter screen can be just what you need if you struggle to read from a small phone screen.

4. SilverSingles

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Aside from practical apps, there are even apps that could help you to find love in later life. SilverSingles is one of the best dating apps for seniors, as it only accepts members aged 50 and over, and requires you to take a personality test before matching you with people in your area based on your answers. 

SilverSingles is a secure dating site, allowing you to send messages to your matches so you can start to get to know each other and see if there’s a spark.

Regardless of your age, if you’re planning to meet someone from a dating site or app, always arrange to meet in a public place and let someone know when and where you’re going beforehand.

5. Ourtime

Ourtime is another of the best dating apps for seniors, again designed for people aged 50+. This mature dating site has a few extra features, such as a video conversation service, providing you with a safe way to chat to other members via video call before you meet in person.

6. Pill Monitor

Next on our list of the best apps for seniors is Pill Monitor, an Apple app that’s designed to help you to keep track of your daily medication. 

This app allows you to schedule reminders throughout the day for when you need to take different pills, and you’ll be notified with an alarm at your preferred time. You can add notes and photos to each type of pill listed too, which can be handy if you have several that look similar.

Bear in mind that there’s always a chance that you could lose your phone or the app could crash, so don’t have this as the only way you remember to take your pills. Keep a note too, or use a pill organiser to make sure you’re always on top of your medication. 

7. Kindle

If you love to read but sometimes struggle to hold a book, or perhaps you like to read when you’re out and about but don’t want to carry heavy books around, the Amazon Kindle app is designed for you. 

This app provides you with access to thousands of books at the touch of a button – many are free, but you can also purchase the latest titles, often at a cheaper price than for a hardback or paperback. 

kindle e-reader

The Kindle app also allows you to enlarge the size of text to suit your eyesight – you’ll get the best experience on an e-reader, as these are typically backlit too, creating the best reading conditions.

8. Audible

Audible is another Amazon app, which gives you access to an extensive audio library at the touch of a button. There are some free podcasts and audiobooks available, but you will need to pay to download some content and newer titles. Sometimes, when you buy something on Amazon, you’ll get a free Audible download, so always look out for this.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our recommendations for the best inspirational audiobooks with senior protagonists.

9. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga does exactly what the name suggests – provides you with access to daily yoga and meditation sessions to benefit both your physical and mental wellbeing. This free app can give both your body and mind a workout. Read more about the benefits of yoga for seniors.

10. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is another of the best word game apps for seniors – and indeed word game lovers of any age. You can play online or via the app, and it’s a little like a digital version of Scrabble. 

There’s an added social element, as you can compete against others to put down the best word with the letters you have, so it’s another great brain training app for over-50s – and everyone else.

How To Download Apps

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Downloading apps is simple, but you do need to make sure you’re looking in the right place for your chosen app depending on the kind of smartphone you have:

  • If you have an iPhone, you’ll be looking for iOS apps, which can be found in the Apple App Store. Simply search for the app’s name, and select the ‘Get’ button to download. Many apps are free, but some have a price attached, so always read the details before downloading
  • If you have an Android phone, such as a Samsung, apps can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. Again, you just need to search for the app you’d like, and click ‘install’

Supporting Mental Wellbeing Is A Priority In Our Care Homes

All of the care home staff at New Care Homes have undergone training as part of the Oomph! wellbeing programme, which is designed to enable them to support residents’ mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. We understand the benefits of brain training exercises, whether they’re delivered via one of our recommended brain apps for seniors or a mentally stimulating activity.

Find out more about the care home activities on offer at New Care Homes, or contact us today if you have any questions.