Unrivalled residential and nursing care in Wilford

1 January 1970

As it becomes increasingly difficult to remain independent whilst living at home, it’s important that older people are provided with the essential daily care, as well as specific requirements dependent on their physical and psychological abilities, and their changing needs. This is why we offer unrivalled and tailored residential and nursing care at Ruddington Manor in Wilford, Nottinghamshire to each and every resident.

Ruddington Manor

Ruddington Manor Care Centre, based in Wilford, is a purpose-built care home that’s run by a team of friendly and compassionate staff that are on hand to help residents at all times. The facility has been expertly designed to meet the highest standards of safety, comfort and care. All care plans are personal to each resident, and the team work closely with residents and other healthcare professionals to provide the most appropriate, evidence –based care.

Exceptional Care

In Ruddington Manor, the well-being of residents is at the forefront of every daily care plan and social activity, which is why staff devise and deliver well-being programs that encourage and support residents to have fun and enjoy life.

To ensure residents can carry on living life to the full, an activity calendar is planned and implemented throughout the whole year, and this is based around the resident’s hobbies and interests to ensure it is inclusive of all individuals. The groups involve a range of activities, such as gardening clubs and bridge clubs, that are designed to cater to every resident whether they want to learn something new or, in some cases, reignite their interest in a previous hobby or activity.

Additionally, Ruddington Manor offers trips outside of the grounds to points of interest, such as garden centres, museums, shopping centres and the seaside, to allow residents to carry on thoroughly enjoying life to the full and encourage that feeling of independence.

Highly Qualified Staff

To ensure staff at Ruddington Manor are of the highest quality and provide the best care for its residents, we have invested in a brand-new approach to residential and nursing care training named ‘Oomph!’ well-being. This program provides training to staff on how to deliver a 360-degree approach to resident’s well-being and have a positive impact at all times.

The support packages equip staff with the skills to deliver everyday mental stimulation, regular and fun physical activity, and new experiences and connections for the residents in Ruddington Manor.

The dedicated team at Ruddington Manor go out of its way to ensure that care enhances the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of residents.

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