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Your Ultimate Guide To Cruise Holidays For Over 60s

March 30th, 2023

If you’re looking at holidays for over 60s, then a senior cruise could be just what you need. Cruises take care of everything, from food and entertainment to activities and relaxation. In this guide, we run through the benefits of a senior cruise, what to expect from your voyage, and tips for making the most of your holiday.

The Benefits Of Cruise Holidays for Over 60s

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Cruise holidays are great for everybody, but the best cruises for over 60s come with a host of benefits that are especially good for the older generation. 

1. Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of a cruise is the all inclusive packages available, meaning that every detail is taken care of on board. There’s no need to worry about where to eat or what to do; with a cruise, everything is included. As well as the necessities, cruise liners have entertainment, activities, and day trips planned. 

Cruise holidays for over 60s just make everything a little easier, with food and drink readily available and rest, relaxation, and fun planned for. Senior cruises offer a level of convenience that many other holidays for over 60s don’t. 

2. Relaxing

The best cruises for seniors are the ones where you can completely unwind. Getting away from daily life and not having to cook, clean,or take care of anyone else is one of the many reasons we all enjoy a holiday. With a cruise, you can really let go and spend long days on sun loungers, evenings watching the sunset, and night times taking in the entertainment acts or having a quiet drink in one of the hospitality areas. There’s no need to rush about or go on excursions if you don’t want to. 

Holidays for over 60s should be about taking time for yourself and doing exactly as you please; with everything you need on board, a senior cruise holiday offers exactly that.

3. Exploration

On the other hand, if you still enjoy seeing new places and exploring, then you’ll find the best cruises are those with plenty of opportunities to get off the ship and see the local surroundings. 

Shore excursions can last for anything from a couple of hours to a full day. When planning your cruise, you can see which ones offer day trips and book according to your needs. Seniors who like longer walks and seeing plenty of sights can take advantage of longer cruises with multiple stops, while those who are less mobile might prefer trips that only last for a morning or an afternoon before returning to the comfort of the cruise ship. 

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4. Socialising

Holidays for over 60s can be whatever you make them. If you’re going on a senior cruise for some peace and quiet, then you can easily spend days by the pool reading or listening to your favourite audiobook. However, if you’re looking forward to spending time with others, a senior cruise gives you the chance to make new friends and socialise as much as you want. They’ll be lots of people of a similar age and with similar interests and, as you’ll see them every day, it’s easy to get talking. 

Cruises aren’t just ideal holidays for over 60s either. Another great social aspect of a cruise is that it’s a holiday all ages can enjoy. Big family holidays with different generations are made easy with the varied facilities and activities available.

What To Expect On A Cruise For Over 60s

As we’ve covered, the best cruises for over 60s offer a wide range of benefits. Now that we’ve explored why cruise holidays for over 60s are a great idea, let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect to find on a cruise ship holiday.

1. Food

Cruises will cater for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, usually at set times throughout the day. Most food options are available as part of your fare, but some items may not be, so always check what is included. Cruises will often have several dining areas, including more relaxed restaurants or the main banqueting room where formal dress is often encouraged.

Casual restaurants will serve various cuisines, from pizza and burgers to sushi or even French fare – there should be something for everyone to eat. You can also order room service or take your own snacks on board. The range of food on offer is perfect for seniors who have any problems with eating or simply prefer food that they’re used to. 

2. Entertainment

The best cruises have a never ending array of entertainment for old and young alike. You’ll find musical acts, cabaret shows, tribute acts, and game show events. Many cruises have cinema nights where you can relax and watch a film, or you can catch a magician’s show or a comedian if you’re looking for some live excitement. Live music is a mainstay of cruise ship holidays for over 60s. You can choose to watch from the comfort of your seat or get up and enjoy a dance if the mood takes you.

3. Leisure

Cruises have plenty of leisure facilities on board, from pools and hot tubs to spas and saunas. The exact facilities will vary depending on which cruise liner you are on, but there will always be spaces to relax and unwind. 

If you’re on a cruise with a spa, you can take advantage of the treatments on offer. For seniors who prefer to switch off and do nothing all day, then you can’t get much more relaxing than lounging by a pool while out at sea with the sun overhead.

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4. Activities

There’s plenty to do on a senior cruise that doesn’t involve sunbathing too. Cruise ship holidays for over 60s cater for all activity levels and you’re likely to find dancing, arts and crafts, fitness classes, or cooking demos on board. You can be as active as you like on a cruise, choosing to take part in organised classes or join in mindfulness activities like yoga to bring some calm into each day of your trip.  

Planning For A Senior Cruise

Planning for holidays over 60 can mean a little extra preparation to make sure everything is just right. When heading off on a senior cruise, there are some things to be aware of that will make cruise ship life even better.

1. Getting To Your Cruise

Before you get on board, you’ll need to get to your cruise ship. This means travelling to the port that your ship is docked at. Some cruise liners will arrange travel as part of your package, or you can choose to book this separately, which may have cost savings. Factor this part of your journey into your travel costs and times so you don’t end up out of pocket or feeling flustered by the time you arrive at your destination.

2. Meal Planning

For seniors who like specific foods or to eat at certain times, it can be wise to check the meals offered on board so you know there will be something you’ll enjoy. Similarly, check what times meals are served if you need to stick to a routine. The best cruises will also have provisions for snacks and drinks throughout the day so you don’t get hungry or thirsty. 

3. Medication

As you’ll be on board the ship for prolonged periods, make sure you have any medication and perhaps take some spares just in case anything goes wrong. There should be medical personnel on board in case of an emergency too, but do inform staff ahead of time of any specific conditions that you might be worried about managing while you’re away from home. 

The same applies to any vitamins and supplements you might take regularly too. Pack them in a pill case to make sure you remember to take them each day, as being on holiday and out of routine can cause us to forget.

4. Staying Safe

Cruise ships are excellent holidays for over 60s because everything is in one place, but they can be big and corridors can often look the same. To help any seniors who may get confused or lose their way, make your room recognisable by perhaps putting a sign on a door handle. 

With planning and preparation, senior cruises really can be one of the safest, most fun and relaxing holidays for over 60s. We all have our own routines and necessities we like to take on holidays, and seniors are no different. Being organised ahead of time makes things more enjoyable for everyone.

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The Best Cruises For Over 60s

There are so many cruise holidays for over 60s available, so you’ll easily find one to suit your needs. Cruise holidays in Europe are often among the most ideal, as they’re not too far to get to and many destinations are familiar. You could cruise the Mediterranean, Greek Islands, or even Norway and Iceland. Not only will you enjoy days relaxing at sea, but time to explore several islands in one holiday. 

A senior cruise offers convenience and entertainment with the benefits of sunshine and rest thrown in, and really is something to add to the bucket list.