Employee Testimonials

Berenice Lam-Bard, Nurse (The Hamptons)

Great place to work ! If your passionate about caring! You will get full support from the management team who will provide you with ongoing training to help you enhance your roll either as a nurse or health care assistant! The company is passionate about the quality of care the staff provide.  The home is in its early stages and only opened its doors in August 2017!  So far I work with amazing staff that really care and are team players and eager to learn.  This is a superb place for residents to live and staff to work, It’s already proven to be very therapeutic and a holistic environment, with ongoing activities, great choice of food from the kitchen and warm friendly staff who are willing to provide great care and a loving environment, I love working here!


Dave Sweeney, Maintenance

The Grand is very special to me as I have been involved from day one, first as a labourer on site while the building was under construction, and now managing the building’s maintenance and upkeep. My job is very rewarding as I have been given the opportunity to help people who can no longer look after themselves fully, providing them inviting, safe and secure environment. In addition to the maintenance of the home, I am always on hand to assist with little tasks the residents may have, such as hanging pictures in their bedroom so they can feel more at home.


Fiona Headley, Hospitality Assistant

After completing a college course on health and social care I started work at The Grand and it has been a great experience. While the course prepared me in some ways for the job, being in the home with the residents and the rest of the team is what makes my role so pleasurable. I enjoy serving the residents their food at meal times, helping them choose from the menu, as well as catering for any additional needs they may have, or their families and friends when visiting.

Much more than that, I am getting to know the residents and their interests, and can assist with those, including a walk in the garden, which makes a big difference.


Amber Strike, Hospitality Assistant

We offer a five star service at The Grand. Residents can opt for table service in the dining room or we will serve them in their bedroom if they wish. There is a set menu each day for lunch and dinner, with residents able to choose which dishes they would like, dining with friends in the dining room. Throughout the day we provide light bites and snacks, as well as tea, coffee and drinks.

We go out of our way to do anything for the residents, even if it is outside of our department, as we are team at The Grand and the needs of our residents are the priority; we all help them without question.


Ashley Carroll, Hospitality Manager

I have worked for New Care Projects for a number of years and have seen first-hand how stunning their care homes are, with The Grand exceeding all expectations. It is an amazing care home, a wonderful place for the elderly to live. More importantly, The Grand has a team of talented individuals who all want to make a difference, which is what makes the home so very special.


Maria Augusto, Care Assistant

As a care assistant, it is our job to tend to the needs of the residents and it is clear to see that they like living at The Grand, which is lovely. It is homely, warm and welcoming. For me, I also enjoy coming to work at The Grand, it is a nice environment.


Sandy Thomas, Activities Manager

I firmly believe I can make a difference. That is my overriding goal, what I hope to achieve every day. I thoroughly enjoy working with the elderly and it is my responsibility to ensure all residents at The Grand are happy, undertaking activities that are good for their health and wellbeing, as well as those that are of interest to them and their hobbies, such as reading and flower arranging.   There are activities seven days a week and I ensure that there is something to suit everybody.

We also organise days out for residents, and for who may not be able to leave the home with us or do not want to participate in group activities, we provide individual activities, hand massages and general pampering.