Staff Development

Our staff are our most treasured asset. We value people, including our residents, relatives & our dedicated staff teams. When we recruit new staff, we are very keen that we learn a lot about each other as possible. Our interviews are quite relaxed and we try to make sure that we understand the values of our potential new colleagues.  The attitude of our staff is more important to us than their experience.

We offer a full induction to all new staff commencing in our homes. This includes shadowing shifts, as well as completing mandatory training before embarking on their first shift working independently.

We offer ongoing education to support the development of our staff team. This includes in-house training, as well as VQ’s and required training for our professionally qualified staff.

All education is provided face to face in our homes or in local venues. We ensure that all staff receive regular updates to ensure that they are always up to date with the most recent research and evidenced practice.

In relation to our nursing staff, we ensure that we provide them with the required clinical training to ensure that they are competent to carry out all aspects of their role. In addition, we offer support to our nurses to complete the re-validation process.

At New Care, we believe that this ongoing investment in our staff team supports them to feel confident and happy in their roles and that this has a positive effect overall to the ethos of our homes.